Summer 2022 ISSUE

World map of abstract internet connections and urban light on deep blue-black background
Cayla Barnes smiling with two Olympic medals
Illustration of PJ Byrne and a selection of his film roles
Illustration of a child's face behind behind a tornado opposite a hand reaching out to help
Photo of Guy Beiner
Photo of Jewel Strawberry '22
Photo of Peter Lynch ’65
Andrea Yoch ’89 photographed holding soccer scarf
Early 19th Century United States map with lines marking Routes that writer Anne Royall traveled on U.S. Postal Service stagecoaches
Photo of Nicholas Burns ’78
Architectural rendering of the Hoag Basketball Pavilion
Photo of Stephen R. P. Edwards ’02
Swimmers running into the water
Photo of Thomas Groome
Photo of Recitation Building under construction
Photo of Ann Burgess
Thomas D. Stegman, SJ photographed in the balcony of the STM Chapel