OEI’s OpenSciEd in MA program provides schools with financial resources and on-the-ground support for the OpenSciEd middle school science curriculum. Schools can apply for a school grant that provides funding for a three-year implementation plan for professional learning and curriculum enactment. School applications are typically due in February for the following school year. 

The OpenSciEd curriculum is a set of high-quality, rigorous, research-based instructional materials that is freely available. Since 2018, Massachusetts has supported and contributed to the development of these open-source middle school science instructional materials through collaboration on a scope and sequence, design specifications, and instructional model of the instructional materials. Massachusetts districts and middle school science teachers have field tested the materials and provided feedback to improve them.

I feel like it is better, because it is a higher level of science. We are the scientists. We have to figure out stuff.
OpenSciEd Middle School Student

Benefits & Requirements

As a member of the cohort, schools are provided:

Grant funding to offset PD and durable equipment costs

Implementation support

Priority access to in-state OSE PD

Additional professional learning resources & student programming

To participate, schools develop a three-year implementation plan that ensures:

Full OSE curriculum adoption (all 18 units across grades 6–8)

Whole school participation—100% of students and teachers

Robust PD—all science teachers train in 4 units each

Teacher leader champions lead the work at the school level

Who We Work With

OEI works with grant funded schools who are adopting OpenSciEd as their core curricular materials for science. Cohort 1 was awarded to begin their curriculum adoption in the 2021-2022 academic year, and Cohort 2 was awarded to begin their curriculum adoption in 2022-2023. 

map of OEI partner schools in Massachusetts

Upcoming Information Sessions & Open Houses

INFORMATION SESSION: How the OpenSciEd in MA grant program is designed to support your adoption of OpenSciEd

Come hear from OEI about the OpenSciEd program, how it is designed for the MA 2016 STE Frameworks, and how OEI supports the 3-year adoption of OpenSciEd.

Audience: science teachers and school/district leaders.

October 18th, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

October 19th, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Register Here


OPEN HOUSE: What is adopting OpenSciEd like?

Come experience parts of the OpenSciEd program and consider how OpenSciEd’s approach aligns with your school or district goals.

Audience: science teachers and school/district leaders, teams are welcome/encouraged.

2023-2024 event dates coming soon!

Apply for Funding

Thank you for considering the OpenSciEd in MA program! The link to the application is below.