LeaderShape Institute

The LeaderShape Institute is a national organization that has been established for over 30 years across various college campuses. LeaderShape began at Boston College in 2013, accepting up to 60 students each year for a six-day experience to explore what makes you a leader, equip you with the tools to achieve your full leadership potential, and aid you in sustaining your leadership vision for the future.

The LeaderShape experience features six extensive days of community building and personal leadership development; each day is designed to target a specific area of development:

Day One:  "Building Community"
Day Two:  "The Value of One, the Power of All"
Day Three:  "Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be"
Day Four:  "Bringing Vision to Reality"
Day Five:  "Living and Leading with Integrity"
Day Six:  "Staying in Action"

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