Pauline Flanagan ’22 is one of 75 Americans selected to study and work in Germany as part of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals, a joint program of the United States Congress and the German Bundestag now in its 39th year.

During her year abroad, Flanagan will attend a two-month intensive language course, study at a German university, and complete an internship in marketing.

Pauline Flanagan

Pauline Flanagan

The Carroll School of Management graduate, who earned a degree in management with concentrations in marketing and information systems and a French minor, took five semesters of German at Boston College and learned about the CBYK fellowship from Professor Michael Resler in the Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies Department.

“I knew I wanted to live abroad for a period of time following my graduation from BC, especially since I didn’t get to study abroad due to the pandemic,” said Flanagan, who departs on July 30. “I’ve always had a connection with Germany because my grandmother immigrated from Germany to the United States when she was around my age. I saw this fellowship as an opportunity to explore that part of my identity and it really is a culmination of everything I involved myself in and worked for at BC.

“During my year in Germany, I hope to boost my fluency in German, establish my own individual ties to the country, kickstart my career, and also positively represent my generation of Americans.”

Flanagan is interested in the consumer-packaged goods industry, specifically skincare and beauty companies, and hopes to intern for a small sustainable company to gain insight into “how this industry that produces a lot of waste in production and consumption can adapt to do its part in combating climate change.”

To become better acquainted with Germans in her host community, she plans to join a German synchronized skating team, a skill she practiced as a member of the synchronized skating club team at BC.

“Our newest cohort of young professionals, including Pauline, is well-equipped to further our core mission—creating lasting ties between the United States and Germany,” said CBYX for Young Professionals Senior Director Daniel Villanueva. “We are thankful these promising young leaders will be representing us in Germany this year.”

Christine Balquist | University Communications | July 2022