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PICTURES FROM THE 2024 ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED FACULTY ANNUAL BANQUET.  Scroll down to just after the list of calendar events to see photographs from the 2024 banquet that was held in May.  These pictures by Reba Saldanha capture some of the memories from that evening. It is safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time, and enjoyed seeing so many of their colleagues.

Just below these photos is a SLIDE SHOW VIDEO shown at the 2024 Annual Banquet that reviews some of the activities held throughout the year.


See your colleagues in person at the BCARF meetings.

The Boston College Association of Retired Faculty Program Meetings and Topical Seminar Meetings (see schedule below) will be held at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton.  This is also the location of the BCARF office.  The office is the first office on your left as you enter the building.  Faculty are welcome to use the resources there.  This room is also the site of the monthly Book Club meetings. 

Once again, a light buffet lunch will be served at both the the Program Meetings and the Topical Seminar Meetings. Lunch begins at 11:30 AM, followed by the meeting at noon.  We all look forward to once again seeing our colleagues in person. 

CATCH UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES.  The latest BCARF Newsletter covering events, meetings, and what your colleagues have been up to in 2022 is now available.  You can read it by clicking on the link provided here, or selecting the image in the Newsletter Section below.  Many thanks to Paul Spagnoli for another outstanding job putting together a great issue.  You are sure to enjoy it. 


The 2023 Retired Faculty Newsletter

2023-2024 Retired Faculty Programs, Seminars and Book Club Meetings

Program and Seminar Photo Galleries






The following pictures were taken by Marjorie Sardella. Marjorie also took hundreds of photos at BCARF events throughout the year. 

Research Grants Deadline:

For the 2024-25 fiscal year, we will have two rounds of retired faculty research grant awards. For the first round, the proposal submission deadline is June 15. The BCARF Grants Committee will award up to two grants, each with a proposed budget between $100 and $1,000. 

Research proposals should follow the guidelines on the BCARF website (scroll down to "Faculty Grants"). Proposals should be submitted electronically to me at

Faculty Activities:

We have added a new section where we can highlight retired faculty activities.  These might include books, research papers, community service, volunteer work, or any other items that you think might be of interest to your retired faculty colleagues.  If you wish to have an item posted, send the information to Bob Taggart at

You can access this new section by selecting the menu called "Activities" at the top of this page.