BC F1RST College Transition Program

Dear Student, 
The Learning to Learn staff and the BC F1RST College Transition Program (BC F1RST CTP) team are committed to you and we offer our support during this exciting moment in your life and this extraordinary moment in the history of our country, university, and program. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives greatly and especially your academic experience.
As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, we are excited to announce two BC F1RST CTP options.  Both programs will feature a virtual kick-off celebration in July.  Option one is a fully virtual program that will meet weekly in July and August.  Option two is an in-person, residential program that will be held from August 13 - August 23. Once we know more about the effect of COVID-19 on our program, we will announce the final dates and format of the program.  We cannot wait to welcome you to the 2021 BC F1RST CTP Cohort at Boston College! We hope you will decide to join us. If you have any questions about the BC F1RST College Transition Program, do not hesitate to contact us via email at bcfirstctp@bc.edu.
The Learning to Learn Staff

May 15, 2021

Application Deadline

Program Description 

BC F1RST is a free summer program designed to support first-year, first-generation college students in establishing meaningful peer and staff relationships, utilizing resources on campus, and developing a supportive community during the college transition. 

Important Dates

May 15, 2021- Application deadline for incoming class of 2025  

Commitment to Commencement: 

Our commitment to you extends well beyond the two-week summer program.  BC F1RST students will be supported by the Learning to Learn office from freshman convocation to commencement in the following ways:

  1. BC F1RST students will be assigned a dedicated advisor at the Learning to Learn office

  2. BC F1RST students may be eligible to receive the Student Supplemental Grant 

  3. BC F1RST students will participate in the BC F1RST Leadership Symposium

  4. BC F1RST students will receive internship and career advice

Your acceptance to BC F1RST represents the beginning of our four-year commitment to your success. We will be among your greatest supporters at the university and we will not only be present to celebrate your sensational start at Boston College, but also your exciting exit as an alumnus of Boston College. 

Application Information

BC F1RST serves first-generation college students. If you do not identify as a first-generation student, then, unfortunately, you are not eligible to participate in this program.

A first-generation college student is defined as a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree. This means that you are the first in your family to attend a four-year college/university to attain a bachelor's degree. 

The application components are as follows:

1. Eligibility Requirements
2. Student Information
3. Essay Component - Please note that you cannot save and return to this application. We suggest that you complete your essay, and save it as a PDF or Word Document before you begin this application.

The deadline to apply for the incoming class of 2025 is May 15, 2021. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 



Q: What is a first-generation college student? 

A: A first-generation college student is defined as a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree. This means that you are the first in your family to attend a four-year college/university to attain a bachelor's degree.

Q: Why was I invited to this program?

A: You were invited to this program based on the information you provided in both your application to Boston College and your FAFSA. These documents showed us that you met our eligibility criteria, and we wanted to invite you to participate in this opportunity.

Q: I am not first-gen and received an invitation. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, if you are not first-gen, we received your information in error and you cannot participate in the program. Please email the program to let them know you were invited by mistake. This will allow us to correct our information so that we do not contact you further. 

Q. When is the application deadline?

A: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The last day to submit an application is May 15, 2021.

Q: What’s the application process? 

A: You will be asked to provide some demographic information and write a short essay answering two questions: “Why do you want to participate in BC F1RST? What do you anticipate doing with your college education?”. Participation in the program will be contingent upon your acceptance to Boston College. 

Q: When will I know the status of my application?

A: Decisions will be emailed no later than May 29, 2021.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: The program is free! All costs associated with BC F1RST will be covered by Boston College. 

Q: Am I responsible for the cost of transportation to BC F1RST? 

A: Yes, you are responsible for transportation to and from the campus. 

Q: What are the benefits of this program? 

A: The program will provide you with the on-campus resources and Boston College-related knowledge necessary to successfully transition into your first semester. It will also give you the opportunity to create a support system on campus by connecting you with other BC F1RST students, as well as with staff and faculty. If you want to know more, visit Student Testimonials to read about other students’ experiences!

Our Student Experiences

Important Dates

May 1st

Application Deadline 

May 15th

Application Decisions 

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