UConn InCHIP Lecture: "The Mental Health of Children Affected by Armed Conflict: A Call to Action"

In Recognition of World Mental Health Day, Dr. Theresa Betancourt presented at UConn InCHIP Lecture on the,
"The Mental Health of Children Affected by Armed Conflict: A Call to Action."

October 2023

Annual Refugee Mental Health Stakeholder Workshop Registration is titled: "Revitalizing Systems of Care: Promoting Refugee Children's Mental Health and Belonging." 

Each year, BC SSW RPCA Co-Hosts an event with Boston Children's Hospital Trauma and Community Resilience Center at Boston Children's Hospital focused on refugee mental health. This meeting is made possible by grant funding from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN; www.nctsn.org). 

This event is split by the Community and Providers Panel and the Policy and Systems Panel with panelists from all over the US. 

April 2023

Keynote Presentation at Trinity College, Dublin: Family-based mental health promotion in refugee children: The promise of community-based participatory intervention, development and evaluation

To celebrate the launch of the Centre for Forced Migration Studies at Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Theresa Betancourt joins colleauges in Dublin, Ireland to speak about her work with refugee communities in the United States. 

September 2022

Photo L-R: Dr. Tala Al-Rousan (UCSD), Dr. Emma Stokes (Trinity College), Dr. Theresa Betancourt, Dr. Ganzamungu Zihindula (Africa Health Research Insititute), Dean Cheryl Anderson (UCSD), Dr. Rachel Hoare (Trinity College).



Theresa Betancourt and colleauges at Trinity College

Theresa's presentation (starts at 2:28:37) Trinity College, Dublin

Family Strengthening Intervention
for Early Childhood Development

Sugira Muryango: "Families Strengthening Intervention for Early Childhood Development: Alternative Delivery System of Poverty Reduction Strategies" in Rwanda—a project by the Research Program For Children and Adversity at the Boston College School of Social Work led by Salem Professor in Global Practice Theresa Betancourt.

Oct 2019

Refugee News: CNN Newsroom on the Ukraine Crisis

In the recent news of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, Boston College Salem Professor in Global Practice, Theresa Betancourt, speaks with Anna Cabrera on the impact of war on children, youth, and families and what interventions are needed in times of crisis. 

April 2022

Sierra Leone War-Affected Youth Study

In a 15-year study of war-affected youth, Boston College researchers, led by School of Social Work Salem Professor in Global Practice Theresa Betancourt, find that families and communities are central to recovery for Sierra Leone's former child soldiers. The study is the first to follow child soldiers into adulthood.

June 2019

Theresa Betancourt Joins Larry King on PoliticKING

As ISIS systematically recruits younger soldiers into its ranks, can the international community effectively halt terrorists from radicalizing children into jihadis? Harvard's Theresa Betancourt joins Larry to discuss the hellish lives of child soldiers.

Sept 2015