One Vision, Three Events

Drawing on a 500-year-old tradition, the Lynch School of Education's singular approach to formative education helps young adults develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, ethically, and spiritually.  

In fall 2017, educational professionals, scholars, and policymakers from around the world gathered at Boston College for three groundbreaking conferences with a single, unifying focus: 

How best to educate students as whole people who live lives of meaning and purpose.

Over eight days within a five-week span, the conference participants presented and shared scholarship, addressed pressing practice and research concerns, and identified key research priorities based on whole-person approaches to education.

The conferences built on the Lynch School's longstanding commitment and contributions to formative, whole-person education.

Stanton Wortham

"Schooling focused on vocational ends and content knowledge fails to attend to education's true goal: To prepare young people to adopt ways of living that incorporate values, ideas and practices that will allow them to become decent, fulfilled human beings."

Dean Stanton Wortham


"We want educators to think broadly
about educational change and to tap
into their aspirations not only for better
schools but also for a better society."

  —Professor Dennis Shirley