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The Boston College Center for Work & Family is the country's leading university-based center focused on helping employers enhance the employee experience, increase employee productivity, and improve the quality of employee lives.


Research and Resources on Critical Topics Facing Organizations Today

Brad Harrington, Executive Director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family and research professor at the Carroll School of Management, shares the priority areas of focus of the Center for the coming year. The issues the Center studies have never been more critical to the success of businesses and the well-being of employees and their families. Read more here.

Video filmed and produced by Angelos Bougas.


Featured Resources

We are excited to kick off our Spotlight Series, where we are profiling our members and other progressive organizations about how they are re-imagining the workplace. Check out our first member spotlight on Harvard University's flexible work policy.

As we reflect back on a year that featured many CEO and leader statements about racial equity in the workplace, what have we learned? According to a survey of BC Workforce Roundtable members, effective statements are those that are specific, authentic, backed by historical patterns, and substantiated by concrete action within the organization. Take a look at this new infographic to learn more about how and why leadership actions contribute to the development of an inclusive workplace culture. For more resources on race in the workplace, click here.

With women at increased risk for stepping back or dropping out of the workforce altogether due to COVID-19, employers must redouble their efforts to attract, retain and engage women at all levels of their workforce.

Check out our executive briefing focused on the latest data, strategies and keys to success for employers to consider. The briefing also includes best practices from leading organizations Eli Lilly, Intel Corporation, Morgan Stanley and PwC. For more resources on women's advancement, click here.


The Boston College Workforce Roundtable is the premier learning and networking community for progressive employers who seek to provide a superior employee experience. Based in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, the Roundtable combines the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution for members.

From the Director

The Center's role has always been to bring together some of the world's leading academics with corporate practitioners to increase our understanding of how to improve the employee experience. We do this through our collaborative research, educational forums and Roundtable meetings.
Brad Harrington, Executive Director