The AHANA Alumni Advisory Council (AAAC) of Boston College promotes the meaningful engagement of African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native American alumni in all aspects of the University. The AAAC offers educational and leadership programs, professional development activities and networking opportunities to further the mission of Boston College through the involvement and support of all alumni.

For the AAAC, AHANA is much more than an acronym. It is the embodiment of the rich tradition of the Black Talent Program, which played a critical role in the development of a diverse student body at Boston College. Today, AHANA reflects how Boston College students, administrators, staff, faculty and alumni are inextricably linked by their myriad cultural histories and traditions. Most notably, it is their values and shared experience that unites them at Boston College.


Engagement: Solidify the connection between AHANA alumni and Boston College and encourage greater participation in alumni chapters, classes and volunteer activities.

Financial Investment: Encourage greater AHANA alumni giving to Boston College.

Student Mentorship: Assist Boston College in the recruitment of the best and brightest students of color to the University and provide them with supportive mentoring and career networking opportunities.

Professional Development: Promote a stronger network of AHANA professionals and develop AHANA alumni leaders that will enhance the mission of Boston College and who will strengthen and improve the quality of life in communities within and beyond the University.

Cultural Advocacy: Assist Boston College in its strategic plan for institutional diversity by advocating for meaningful representation of people of color at all levels of the University. Collaborate with Boston College to address important issues and plan events that impact on matters of social justice, and cultural diversity and inclusion at the University and globally.