The Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society has organized an Energy and Climate Change symposium series this spring, featuring talks by distinguished scholars from the United States and elsewhere. The series, which is free and open to the public, began April 11 and runs until May 5.

Upcoming events include:

•April 19—“The Grand Challenge of Coral Reef Sustainability,” with Annalisa Bracco (Georgia Tech)

•April 22—“Crossing the Great Wall: Climate Change and Agrarian-Nomadic Migration in Imperial China,” with Qing Pei (Education University of Hong Kong)

•April 26—“A Molecular Approach to Clean Energy and Net-Zero Emission,” with Jier Huang (Marquette University)

•April 28—“Tackling Climate Change with Integrated Systems-Based Research: Challenges and Opportunities,” with Hanqin Tian (Auburn University)

•May 3—“Changing Fast and Slow: Social Tipping Points and Gradual Change in the Human-Climate System,” with Rachel Shwom (Rutgers University)

•May 5—“The Politics of Climate Policy and Energy Transition,” with Jonas Meckling (University of California-Berkeley)

All lectures are held from noon-1 p.m. in 245 Beacon Street Room 501, with a reception and lunch to follow; they also are available via Zoom. Register here

University Communications | April 2022