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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of the Fall BCARF events will be online via ZOOM.  Please see the schedule in our "Upcoming Events" section. We hope to begin meeting face-to-face again in the Spring.  Stay safe and healthy.

Upcoming Events

Meeting Locations

BCARF meetings are held at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton. Monthly Program Meetings and Research seminars are in Room 100. Book Club meetings are in the BCARF Office located on the first floor of 33 Hammond Pond Parkway, which is also available for use by retired faculty. A light complimentary lunch is served at Program and Research meetings.



September 10th Seminar

"Representations of Land and Mayans in Guatemala 1930s-1960s"

by Deborah Levenson-Estrada (History)

Only Woman


September 17th Program Meeting

"A Killer By Design"

by Professor Ann Wolpert Burgess (CSON)

Salem Witch Judge book cover

September 24th Book Club

"Salem Witch Judge: The Life and Repentance of Samuel Seawall"

by Eve LaPlante




October 8th Seminar

"A Nurse Becomes a Patient - Perspectives on COVID-19"

by Rachel Spector (CSON)



October 15th Program Meeting

"Traders, Cops and Robbers"

by Professor James Anderson (Economics)

book club



October 22nd Book Club Meeting

"The Splendid and the Vile"


Erik Larson




November 5th Seminar Meeting

"Research and Teaching about Neurogenerative Diseases"

by Dan Kirschner (Biology)



November 12th Program Meeting

"From 'Doing' to 'Being' Digital in a Post-Covid World"

by Professor Gerald Kane (CSOM)

book club



November 19th Book Club Meeting

"The Giver of Stars"


JoJo Moyes



December 3rd Seminar Meeting

"Cretan Renaissance Literature to Brighten a Winter Day"

by Dia Philippides (Classics)

Book Club



December 17th Book Club Meeting

The Mirror and the Light"


Hilary Mantel

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The Association for Retired Faculty has offices at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton.

Retired faculty are welcome to use the resources there.  They include two iMacs, two PCs, a printer/scanner/copier, a coffemaker, and a microwave.

The office is located immediately on your left after you enter the main entrance.

Entrance is gained to the room via a keypad.  To find out the keypad code, please contact one of the members of the Executive Committee (see the "Contact" section on this website).


BCARF Highlights

To view a video review of the 2029-2020 BCARF activities, select the following link to go to where the BCARF video files are stored off site. (The video will open in a new tab in your browser.)

BCARF Highlights