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The planned renovations of the 300 Hammond Pond Parkway building are going to resume next week, right after graduation.  Once contractors start working in the lobby area, the main entrance to the building will be inaccessible.  Those planning to use our office during the last ten days of May may have to enter around the back of the building (at the opposite end from the Parkway) where there are two doors that access the second floor.  They can then walk down one flight of stairs to access our office.

From June through early September, the office will be essentially unavailable because of construction.  Part of the construction will be to renovate a location for our office, just off the lobby on the opposite side of the main first floor entrance from our meeting room.  When our BCARF schedule resumes after the summer on September 12, new audio-visual equipment (including large, flat-screen monitors to display computer projections) will have been installed in the meeting room to the right of the entrance and we will have a new office on the right.

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BCARF meetings are held at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton. Monthly Program Meetings and Research seminars are in Room 100. Book Club meetings are in Room 120, which is also available for use by retired faculty. A light complimentary lunch is served at Program and Research meetings.

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Wednesday , May 22nd

Annual Banquet.

5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

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The Association for Retired Faculty has offices at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton.

Retired faculty are welcome to use the resources there.  They include two iMacs, two PCs, a printer/scanner/copier, a coffemaker, and a microwave.

After passing through the main entrance, turn left and go down the long corridor.  Room 120 is the last room on the left, at the end of the hall.

Entrance is gained to the room via a keypad.  To find out the keypad code, please contact one of the members of the Executive Committee (see the "Contact" section on this website).


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