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Faculty research

April 2016

Faculty research


Associate Professor of Finance Rui Albuquerque—the Carroll School’s newest faculty member—coauthored a paper, “Long-run Bulls and Bears,” with Martin Eichenbaum, Dimitris Papanikolaou, and Sergio Rebelo. The paper was published in the December issue of the Journal of Monetary Economics.


A new paper by Assistant Professor of Finance Vyacheslav (Slava) Fos and two coauthors assesses the effects of share repurchases on other outcomes for firms. Their findings suggest that managers often trade investments and employment in order to repurchase stocks and meet earnings-per-share forecasts. Their paper appeared in the January 2016 issue of the Journal of Financial Economics.


Gerald C. Kane, associate professor of information systems and McKiernan Family Faculty Fellow, wrote three new blog posts for the MIT Sloan Management Review website. The posts—“Balancing Tradeoffs in Social Media,” “The Rise of Visual Content Online” (coauthored with Alexandra Pear, Carroll School ’16), and “What Companies Should Learn About Social Media from American Politics”—draw in part on Kane’s own research on the relationship between social media platforms and enterprises.


Mechanisms for Increasing Sourcing from Capacity-Constrained Local Suppliers,” a paper by Assistant Professor of Operations Management Deishin Lee and coauthors Mustafa Hayri Tongarlak and Baris Ata, was published online in Decision Sciences ahead of print publication. Lee and Assistant Professor of Operations Management Erkut Sönmez collaborated with Cornell University professors Miguel Gomez and Xiaoli Fan on “Improving Food Bank Gleaning Operations: An Application in New York State,” which the American Journal of Agricultural Economics published online in December. On February 27, Sönmez presented their findings at the 2nd Annual Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management Workshop for Early-Career Faculty in Raleigh, North Carolina. His presentation was titled “An Operational Analysis of Multi-Crop Food Bank Gleaning Operations.”


Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management Sciences Alicia H. Munnell, the director of the Center for Retirement Research, coauthored five briefs that were published on the Center’s website since December. She presented testimony on “Expanding Retirement Savings” at a United States Senate Committee on Finance hearing, “Helping Americans Prepare for Retirement: Increasing Access, Participation and Coverage in Retirement Savings Plans” on January 28 and gave another presentation, “Will the Explosion of Student Debt Widen the Retirement Security Gap?”, at a congressional briefing on “The Impact of Student Debt in Financial Preparedness” on February 3.


Hristina Nikolova, the Coughlin Sesquicentennial Assistant Professor of Marketing, presented “Beyond Cognitive Control: Affective Forecasting Ability And Self-Regulatory Success,” with Cait Lumberton, at the 2016 Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida, on February 27.


A paper by Assistant Professor of Marketing Nailya Ordabayeva and Pierre Chandon, “In the Eye of the Beholder: Visual Biases in Package and Portion Size Perceptions,” was published online in the journal Appetite in advance of print publication.


Michael G. Pratt, O’Connor Family Professor and Ph.D. director in the Management and Organization Department, coauthored a paper with David R. Hekman and Daan van Knippenberg “Channeling Identification: How Perceived Regulatory Focus Moderates the Influence of Organizational and Professional Identification on Professional Employees’ Diagnosis and Treatment Behaviors.” It was published online in November and is forthcoming in Human Relations.


Three new posts by Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham were published at the MIT Sloan Management Review: “Ready or Not, Here IoT Comes,” on the Internet of Things; “Avoiding Analytical Myopia;” and “Enough Health Care Data for an Army: The Million Veteran Program,” an interview with J. Michael Gaziano and Dr. Saiju Pyarajan, two of the program’s lead scientists. Ransbotham wrote commentary on another Sloan Management Review post, “GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics,” and cowrote a post, “Should People Who Discover a Software Vulnerability Make the Information Public?” for the London School of Economics Business Review’s blog. Ransbotham also delivered a keynote speech, “Beyond the Hype: The Hard Work Behind Analytics Success,” at The Analytics Frontiers Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, in March.


Associate Professor of Finance Jonathan Reuter presented “Mutual Fund Performance and the Incentive to Generate Alpha” at the Morningstar Institutional Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 4.


In January, Associate Professor of Marketing Gerald E. Smith published his second book, The Opt-Out Effect: Marketing Strategies that Empower Consumers and Win Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty. The book, which was published by Pearson, draws on Smith’s research on digital and customer-centric brand management.


Richard Spinello, clinical associate professor of management and operation, published “John Paul II’s Social and Political Doctrine: Lessons for Contemporary Poland” in the winter 2015 issue of The Polish Review. Jones & Bartlett Learning published the sixth edition of his book, Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace. Spinello also contributed a chapter titled “The Right to Privacy in the Age of Digital Technology” to Privacy in a Digital, Networked World (Springer, 2015), which was edited by Sherali Zeadally and Mohamad Badra.


Associate Professor of Management and Organization Mary Tripsas, Haub Family Fellow and director of the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, was elected Division Chair for the Annual Research Workshop organized by the Academy of Management’s Technology and Innovation Management Division. In February she organized and hosted the AOM-TIM Research Workshop at Boston College, at which Metin Sengul, associate professor of management and organization and Haub Family Fellow, was a discussant.


Two articles by Sandra Waddock, professor and Galligan Chair of Strategy, are in press: “The Complexity of Wicked Problems in Large Scale Change” (with Domenico Dentoni, Greta Meszoely, and Steve Waddell) in the Journal of Organizational Change Management; and “Reflections: Intellectual Shamans, Sensemaking, and Memes in Large System Change” in the Journal of Change Management.


Professor of Marketing Arch G. Woodside published a book, Storytelling-Case Archetype Decoding and Assignment Manual (SCADAM), with coauthor Suresh Sood in January. The book is part of a series titled Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research. Woodside also cowrote a paper, “The General Theory of Culture, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Quality-of-Life: Comparing Nurturing Versus Thwarting Enterprise Start-ups in BRIC, Denmark, Germany, and the United States,” which was published in the February issue of Industrial Marketing Management. He was invited to serve as Academic Committee Cochair at the 2016 International Conference in Strategic Management at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, where he presented a full-day workshop, “Reproducible Case-Based Models of High and Low Firm Performance Outcomes.


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