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Faculty research

October 2015

Faculty research


Assistant Professor of Marketing Alexander Bleier coauthored two papers with Maik Eisenbeiss: “Personalized Online Advertising Effectiveness: The Interplay of What, When, and Where” and “The Importance of Trust for Personalized Online Advertising.” They were published in the September-October issue of Marketing Science and the September issue of the Journal of Retailing, respectively. Bleier and Eisenbeiss presented a third paper, “Retargeting in Context: How Motive Congruence Drives the Effectiveness of Personalized Online Ads,” at the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in Baltimore in June.


The September issue of the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking published Associate Professor of Marketing S. Adam Brasel and Egan Professor of Computer Science James Gips’s paper, “Interface Psychology: Touchscreens Change Attribute Importance, Decision Criteria, and Behavior in Online Choice.” The authors found that direct-touch interfaces such as a tablet or a smartphone can strongly affect how online content is explored, perceived, remembered, and acted on.


Thomas J. Chemmanur, professor of finance and Hillebrand Family Faculty Fellow, presented “Top Management Human Capital, Inventor Mobility, and Corporate Innovation,” a paper coauthored with Lei Kong and Qianqian Yu, doctoral candidates in the Carroll School’s Department of Finance, and Karthik Krishnan at the Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation Around the World conference in Beijing. Chemmanur was one of the co-organizers of the conference and also chaired a session on government and taxes.


Professor of Accounting Jeffrey Cohen presented “An Analysis of Glass Ceiling Perceptions in the Accounting Profession” (with Derek William Dalton, Lori Holder-Webb, and Jeffrey J. McMillan) at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting and Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting in Chicago last August.


In “Do Prices Reveal the Presence of Informed Trading?” Assistant Professor of Finance Vyacheslav (Slava) Fos and coauthor Pierre Collin-Dufresne studied how measures of adverse selection respond to informed trading. Their paper was published in the August issue of the Journal of Finance.


Professors of Business Law Stephanie Greene and Christine Neylon O’Brien published “Judicial Review of the EEOC’s Duty to Conciliate” in the fall 2015 Penn State Law Review. The authors discuss Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Mach Mining, LLC, and the EEOC’s pre-suit obligations, specifically its conciliation process—a matter the Supreme Court ruled on in April.


Professor of Finance Clifford G. Holderness presented his paper “Equity Issuances and Agency Costs: The Telling Story of Shareholder Approval around the World” at the University of Pittsburgh in September.


Associate Professor of Information Systems Gerald C. Kane and Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, David Kiron, and Natasha Buckley coauthored The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project: “Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation: Becoming a Digitally Mature Enterprise.” The report, published in MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR), finds strategy is the key driver of success in the digital arena. Kane blogged about the report in SMR and also wrote a piece for SMR with recent Boston College graduate Emily Concannon ’15 about how social media can expand horizons for workers with autism spectrum disorder.


Assistant Professor of Finance Oğuzhan Karakas presented “The Value of Creditor Control in Corporate Bonds” at the 4th International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management in Basel, Switzerland, in August.


Accenture Professor and Chairperson of the Marketing Department Katherine N. Lemon contributed the chapter “Advances in Customer Value Management” with coauthor Peter C. Verhoef to the Handbook on Research in Relationship Marketing (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015). In July she presented “A Framework for Understanding and Managing the Customer Experience” at the 2015 Frontiers in Service Conference in San Jose and “Emerging Ideas in Service Research: Capitalizing on the Constantly Changing New Normal” at the American Marketing Association Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in London. Lemon also hosted the Marketing Science Institute Frontiers of Marketing Conference at Boston College in July, a meeting of academics and practitioners from global firms. There, she presented “Understanding Customer Experience and the Customer Journey: Key Insights and Ideas for the Journey,” another paper coauthored with Verhoef.


Assistant Professor of Finance Nadya Malenko was a discussant for the session “Passive Investors, Not Passive Owners” featuring Assistant Professor of Finance Ian Appel at the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Summer Institute session “Corporate Finance” in Boston in July. She presented “The Role of Proxy Advisory Firms: Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity Design,” a paper coauthored with Ph.D. candidate in finance Yao Shen, at the University of Oregon Summer Finance Conference in August.


Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance Richard McGowan’s “Demand for the Ultimate Fighting Championship: An Econometric Analysis of PPV Buy Rates” with coauthor John F. Mahon was published in the June Journal of Business and Economics. In June McGowan presented with Mahon “An Examination of Remittances and Their Impact on Exports: The Latin American Experience” at the Eastern Academy of Management–International Conference in Lima, Peru, and, solo, he presented “Marijuana and Tobacco: The Tale of Two Weeds and the Ethics of Disgust” at the fourth Ashridge International Research Conference in Hertfordshire, England.


Professor of Management and Organization Richard P. Nielsen and Benjamin Hawbaker, Ph.D. ’17, presented “David vs. Goliath?: Reframing Whistleblowing in the National Security Context,” at the August meeting of the Society For Business Ethics in Vancouver.


Professor of Business Law Christine Neylon O’Brien published “Am I Blue or Seeing Red? The NLRB Sees Purple When Employer Communication Policies Unduly Restrict Section 7 Activities” in the summer 2015 issue of The Labor Law Journal. The paper was a top ten download on the Social Science Research Network in May and June.


O’Connor Family Professor and director of the Ph.D. Program in Management Organization Michael G. Pratt contributed a chapter coauthored with Douglas A. Lepisto, Ph.D. ’15, and Eliana Crosina, Ph.D. ’16, “Identity Work within and beyond the Professions: Toward a Theoretical Integration and Extension,” to the International Handbook of Professional Identities (Scientific & Academic Publishing). He also participated as an invited panelist and presenter at seven sessions at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada in August.


Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham presented a webinar, “Managing Data in the Age of the Internet of Things,” in which he and other analytics experts from Wharton and Georgia Tech discussed the data and analytics opportunities presented by the Internet of Things phenomenon.


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