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Faculty research

December 2014

Jeffrey R. Cohen, professor of accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow, presented “Corporate Governance Research and Practice: Implications for Behavioral Research” and served as panel coordinator at the Accounting, Behavior, and Organizations Midyear Research Annual Conference in Philadelphia in October.


Professor of Accounting Amy Hutton was a discussant at the 29th Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) Conference in October in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her research was referenced in two papers, “Open Internal Reporting and Managerial Collusion” and “Aggregate Noise Trader Risk, Mispricing, and Accounting Fundamentals.”


Assistant Professor of Operations Management Deishin Lee presented “The Buyer/Supplier Relationship: Incorporating Regional Suppliers in the Food Supply Chain” at the Aspen Institute Business Education Symposium in New York in October.


Richard McGowan, S.J., adjunct associate professor of finance, presented “An Examination of the Accuracy of the Point-Spread in Predicting the Winner of an NFL Game” at the 10th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues in Helsinki, Finland, in September.


“Timing Decisions in Organizations: Communication and Authority in a Dynamic Environment,” a paper by Nadya Malenko, assistant professor of finance, was presented by one of her coauthors, Andrey Malenko, at the 11th Annual Conference on Corporate Finance at Washington University in St. Louis in November.


Professor of Management and Organization Richard P. Nielsen contributed Serving Two Masters: Transformative Resolutions to Institutional Contradictions,” coauthored with Rich DeJordy, Brad Almond, and W.E. Douglas Creed, to Emerald Publishing’s new book, Research in the Sociology of Organizations. He also contributed the entry “Hannah Arendt: Critical Analysis of Eichmann’s and Heidegger’s Responses To ‘The Center Not Holding,’” to Oxford University Press’s newly published The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies.


Associate Professor of Marketing Gergana Y. Nenkov published “The Role of Hope in Financial Risk Seeking” in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (with Martin Reimann, Deborah MacInnis, and Maureen Morrin). Her research on the effects of product cuteness was featured in Boston College Magazine.


Assistant Professor of Marketing Nailya Ordabayeva published “Moralities in Food and Health Research” (with Søren Askegaard, Pierre Chandon, Tracy Cheung, Zuzana Chytkova, Yann Cornil, Canan Corus, Julie A. Edell, Daniele Mathras, Astrid Franziska Junghans, Dorthe Brogaard Kristensen, Ilona Mikkonen, Elizabeth G. Miller, Nada Sayarh, and Carolina Werle) in the Journal of Marketing Management’s special issue titled “Transformative Consumer Research: Taking the TCR Movement Global.” She also presented “Politics and Status: How Political Ideology Shapes Status Concerns and Preferences” (with Daniel Fernandes) at the Association for Consumer Research North American Conference 2014 in Baltimore in October.


Senior Lecturer Rita R. Owens presented “Simulating a Business Engagement to Explore Writing and Use of Technology” at the Association for Business Communication's 79th Annual International Conference in Philadelphia in October.


O’Connor Family Professor Michael G. Pratt presented the conference keynote, “Using Identity Insights to Create an Authentic Enterprise,” at the Past, Present, and Future of Reputation Management at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, this fall.


Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham spoke at various conferences in Boston this fall. He presented “The Role of Data Analytics in Enhancing (and Undermining) Healthcare Information Security” at the Privacy and Security Forum and “Key Characteristics of an Analytic Innovator” at the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum. He was also a panelist on the topic of “Data Science in Digital Analytics: Bringing Math into the Science/Art Equation” at the Digital Analytics Association Boston Symposium. Boston College Magazine also featured his research and his NSF CAREER grant to study the culture of cyber crime.


Richard Spinello, clinical associate professor of management and organization, contributed a chapter, “Internet Companies and the Great Firewall of China: Google’s Choices,” to Evolving Issues Surrounding Technoethics and Society in the Digital Age (IGI Global, 2014).


Jérôme Taillard, assistant professor of finance, published “Financial Expertise of the Board, Risk Taking, and Performance: Evidence from Bank Holding Companies” in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis with coauthors Bernadette A. Minton and Rohan Williamson.


Mary Tripsas, associate professor of management and organization, presented her paper “Making Sense of Sound: The Technological and Cultural Evolution of Synthesizers” (with Anthony Callen, Ph.D. ’17, and Andrew Nelson) at INFORMS in San Francisco in November.


Professor and Galligan Chair of Strategy Sandra Waddock was a panelist at Humboldt University in Berlin’s 6th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in October. She also gave the keynote address, “Intellectual Shamans and Difference Makers: Stewardship across Boundaries for the Necessary Transition,” at the 3rd International Conference on Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria in South Africa’s Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership in November. 






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