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Dean Andy Boynton

Reading list

Books and articles that matter

By Dean Andy Boynton

Roland Huntford’s The Last Place on Earth (Athenaeum, 1986) is as much a case study in a knowledge professional’s commitment to lifelong learning as it is a chronicle of the competition between Norwegian Roald Amundsen and British Naval officer Robert Falcon Scott to reach the South Pole. Read more »

Ads in fast-forward

Ads in fast-forwardstudents using tivo

The Economist reports that S. Adam Brasel (at left), assistant professor of marketing, and James Gips, Jack and Pamela Egan Chair in Computer Science, have found that viewers who fast-forward commercials actually pay more attention and can be influenced by brand images they view for only a fraction of a second.  Read more »

Open source textbook

Open source textbookProfessor Gallaugher

John Gallaugher, associate professor of information systems, is giving away the content of his forthcoming textbook for free—and it was his publisher’s idea. Although Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology will not be printed until September 2009, professors worldwide have been accessing draft chapters and cases online since last September. Read more »

High marks

High marks
  • Michael Pratt wins the prestigious Academy of Management Review 2007 Best Paper Award.
  • Edward J. Kane participates in the Congressional Research Service Bipartisan Issues Seminar for new members of the House and Senate.
  • Jeffrey Cohen, Edith Hotchkiss, and Kathleen Seiders named Distinguished Faculty Fellows.
  • Billy Soo named an honorary member of the Boston Security Analysts Society.
  • Boston College places among the top 10 schools with the highest passing rates for 2007 CPA first-time exam candidates.


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In the news

In the news

Andy Boynton, Mary Ellen Carter, the Center for Corporate Citizenship, the Center for Retirement Research, the Center for Work and Family, the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston, Bradley Googins, Jackie James, Edward J. Kane, Darren Kisgen, Alan Marcus, Richard McGowan, Alicia Munnell, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Jonathan Reuter, Stephen Sass, Kathleen Seiders, Gerald Smith, the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics, and Warren Zola.

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CEO Club

Corporate culture

corporate culture

James GoodnightJames Goodnight, founder and CEO of software giant SAS, attributes his company's success to "creating a great place to work." View video »

Managers Studio

360° learning

Mike WhiteIn an interview, Mike White, CEO and vice chairman of PepsiCo International, shares experiences and lessons learned from his career. View video »


March 26

March 26

Dr. Francis Collins, former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute and leader of the successful effort to map and sequence all of the human DNA, will speak at the Clough Colloquium.