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Associate Dean Richard Keeley

Reading list

Books and articles that matter

This contribution is by associate dean Richard Keeley

In the 12 brief, evocative chapters of Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue (Oxford University Press, 2001), Paul Woodruff explores reverence in religion, in teaching, and in leadership. A philosopher and classicist who is a dean at the University of Texas at Austin, Woodruff writes that reverence "begins in a deep understanding of human limitations; from this grows the capacity to be in awe of whatever we believe lies outside our control."  read more »


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Computerworld reports on how students and teacher use a wiki to create up-to-the-minute course materials in Gerald Kane's technology class.  read more »

Sorry about that

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The Journal of Consumer Research has conferred its annual award for best article on "When Good Brands Do Bad," coauthored by S. Adam Brasel, assistant professor of marketing.
See the award announcement.
Read the award-winning article [pdf].

Earn as you go

page break lineEarn as you go

Smartmoney, the magazine of the Wall Street Journal, interviews assistant professor of finance Roger Edelen on a proposal of the California Public Employees' Retirement System to compensate investment managers only if they outperform index benchmarks.  Read the interview.

High marks, December

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Below is a sampling of distinctions earned during the last two months.

  • The Social Security Administration awarded $2.8 million to the Center for Retirement Research, directed by Peter F. Drucker Management Sciences Professor Alicia Munnell, to support ongoing research and information dissemination on retirement income issues. A November 17, 2007 Wall Street Journal Online article calls the Center's The Social Security Fix-It Book (which can be downloaded here) "the single best guide we've seen that explains why Social Security is in the mess it's in—and the leading proposals for restoring it to health." The same Journal article dubs the Center's recommendations on when married women should claim social security benefits the "coolest strategies you've never heard of for claiming benefits." Those recommendations appeared in the June 2007 Journal of Financial Planning. Read the article.
  • The Journal of Business Ethics published "The Association between Disclosure, Distress and Failure," by Associate Professor Jeffrey Cohen. In addition, Cohen's article on communications among external auditors, audit committees, and boards was accepted for publication in Current Issues in Auditing.

read more »

The CEO club

Chief evolution officer

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Leslie Moonves, head of CBS, talks about the role of the corporate CEO in today's environment, where "change is the constant."  view video »

The Clough Colloquium

All the news

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Drawing on personal and professional experience, Janet Robinson, CEO of the New York Times Company, spoke on November 1 at the Clough Colloquium about "reinvention in life and reinvention in business".  view video »

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Greg Boesel JD, MBA'99 and Mark Hexamer JD, MBA'99 have created a stir in the Internet marketing world with their new web site, Swaptree, which enables users to barter books, CDs, DVDs, and video games without transaction costs.  read more »

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February 27

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Kathleen Corbet, CSOM'82, former president and CEO of Standard and Poor's will be a guest in the Manager's Studio on February 27, 2008.




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