Our Mission is to educate the Boston College Community about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of social justice and equality. The Committee continues to work toward that goal by sponsoring programs intended to help the Boston College community eradicate racism of all kinds through working toward understanding, appreciating, and celebrating its cultural diversity. In addition, the Committee strives to honor Dr. King's memory by recognizing and encouraging the development of future leadership at Boston College through a scholarship in his name.

Position Statement

In the events of recent days and months where mental health, weapons, and loss of massive proportion have affected our lives, we ask each of you to support positions of non-violence at the individual, family, group, and community level. 

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MLK portrait

This portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was completed by Dr. Rosanna DeMarco (Associate Professor, CSON) when she took her first oil painting portrait class with Edwina Caci of the Quincy Art Association in 2009. Dr. DeMarco donated the painting to the MLK Jr. Committee in 2010 for display at the scholarship ceremonies. A photo of this image is given to each MLK Jr. Scholarship finalist each year since that time.

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