The Immigrant Integration Lab (IIL) is the hub for immigration focused work at Boston College’s School of Social Work. IIL is an applied research lab exploring the intersection of social work, social policy, and immigrant inclusion. The IIL gathers the latest and most effective resources on immigrant integration, allowing professionals in the field to best serve immigrant communities. With a commitment to social justice, the IIL explores new topics integral to serving immigrants in our current environment each month. The IIL’s platform connects academics, faculty, students, and practitioners together with a common goal of supporting full social, civic, and economic integration of the foreign born in the United States. Dr. Westy Egmont founded the Immigrant Integration Lab during his time as an associate professor at BCSSW.

The Boston College School of Social Work is committed to social justice, human needs, and human rights. The migratory nature of the world has huge implications for delivering care and creating well-being. Immigrants are at once both the concern of social work and the actors who provide new initiatives and new solutions. Understanding the complex interaction of various populations is vital to social welfare and the creation of a just and well functioning society.

What is Immigrant Integration?

With more than 44 million foreign-born residents, the U.S. addresses both the continuing work of nation building and fostering social cohesion. Social workers, like teachers, are the front line of interactivity with the newcomer population. Displaced and vulnerable populations call for a skilled and insightful workforce to accompany them on their journey.

Immigrant integration is the dynamic two-way process by which an immigrant is incorporated into a new society and the way the society adapts as it includes the newcomers. A primary goal of social work on both the clinical and macro level is enabling individuals to avoid marginalization and participate fully in the social, civic, and economic life of their country.

Social Work Matters

Our social work lens allows us to situate people and communities in the context of their environment. For immigrant communities, understanding and navigating the environment of their country of residence is crucial for successful integration. To aid in this process, we connect professionals in different fields to share evidence-based materials, research, and models providing a framework of best practice care for immigrant clientele. Social work’s multidisciplinary approach affirms our belief that effective work with immigrants requires a network of support.

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