CEO Club Briefing

Snoop Dogg

Excerpt from remarks to Boston College Chief Executives Club  

February 6, 2019

TAKEAWAY: Snoop Dogg

We had somebody in the audience that was going to ask you a question. You want to talk a little bit about Snoop Dogg?

Well, yeah. That’s an unusual thing, because basically when you’re building a brand—and you don’t really start out building a brand. You start doing your job. You start making a company. You start creating products, building a group of people around you—like-minded people to work with you. Then, all of a sudden, you’re a brand. And how do you keep that brand alive and thriving and growing? It’s the demographics, too, that are so important—to reach as large a demographic audience as possible.  

That Snoop show—Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party—really did it. It was first that Bieber roast. Comedy Central has a very large reach around the world. And my company didn’t want me to do that. They thought it was really wrong for my brand. The Home Depot was not going to like that—hanging out with those rappers and stuff. All of a sudden, after 10 billion impressions, you are part of that culture—melding of cultures. And I really—it was the right move to do that.  

And then to partner with Snoop on a program on VH1—you know, Martha and Snoop—it’s crazy. But it works, because it’s again a melding of cultures. I’m very interested in every aspect of American life and what’s happening here and there and everywhere.