Celebrating 20 years of supporting the whole child

All children deserve a chance to learn, but many face obstacles too steep for them to climb alone. City Connects builds a network of support for students, their families, and the schools that serve them, improving outcomes now — and for years to come.


less likely to drop out of high school with City Connects support


students served and resources connected

100 %

of principals believe City Connects improves school climate

City Connects

At City Connects, the Premise is Simple

When you’re hungry, you can’t learn. When you’re homeless, you can’t do homework. When you’re worried, or sad, or angry — when mom is sick, or dad imprisoned — you can’t concentrate.

Out-of-school challenges diminish a child’s ability to learn and thrive, especially in high-poverty urban school districts. City Connects provides a clear, organized, and evidence-based strategy for schools to address these challenges — offering a hub of support that matches existing services to each student.

City Connects Makes a Difference

In this vibrant look inside our City Connects schools, you’ll hear firsthand from administrators, teachers, community partners, and City Connects staff members about the impact we make on students, teachers, and principals. Watch the video to learn how our student support program works.