Photo: Courtesy of Molly Levitt

Molly Levitt '09

Director at Remarkable US, a disability tech accelerator.

How did you end up in a tech field that helps people with disabilities? 

My mom had ALS, so I learned about resources for people with disabilities early on. I went to the Lynch School to become a teacher for kids with special needs, and I developed a software program to track my students’ individual needs. Teachers around the world started using it, and that set me on the path to a career in assistive technology.

What do you do at Remarkable? 

I mentor companies whose technologies could help millions of people. In our first US cohort alone, our companies have developed a grasping tool for people who can’t use their hands, accessible maps for blind people, an affordable adaptive bra, a platform that lets people control computers with their voices or facial expressions, and two technologies that help people with spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy navigate daily life. 

You’ve pointed out that such breakthroughs are helpful to everyone. 

So much of the technology we use every day was initially created for folks with disabilities, from electric toothbrushes and touch screens to elevators and ibuprofen. I’m excited that the field is growing, because I think it can make the world more inclusive and comfortable
for everyone. 

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