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“every generation needs a new revolution.” —thomas jefferson, third president of the united states

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Much of Boston College’s sustainability efforts are conducted behind the scenes by Facilities Management staff. Although installing low-flow showerheads in dorms, replacing lightbulbs in the parking garage, and supporting local farmers in the dining halls contributes to Boston College’s sustainability efforts, there is still much to be done on an individual basis by students, faculty, and staff.

The following information illustrates the various opportunities available on campus for individuals to act in an environmentally friendly fashion.


Recycling tote

Recycling is the easiest and most effective way to act in an eco-friendly manner. You can do your part for the earth everyday simply by recycling your bottles, cans, paper, and more. BC has made it even easier for you by providing the proper waste receptacles in popular areas around campus. Visit our Recycling section to learn the many ways you can recycle on campus and where to dispose of your used materials.



Boston College actively promotes the use of alternative transportation. The Transportation Department offers organized carpools, bike racks, and free shuttles; supports public transit through discounted MBTA passes; and provides a space for a ZipCar. Members of the BC community can easily and efficiently commute to or from campus or travel the city via the methods listed on our Transportation page.

Incorporating just one of these travel options into your commuting routine a few times a week greatly reduces your impact on the environment. For more information on how you can help to preserve the environment, please visit our What You Can Do section.

The Boston College Bookstore

CFLs on sale at the BC Bookstore

At the BC Bookstore you can find books on sustainability, reusable beverage bottles, styling sweatshirts to wear instead of turning up the heat, and energy-efficient lightbulbs.  LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the most effiicient.  If you cannot get those, an alternative is to purchase the compact fluorescent lamps (cfl) shown in the photo.

Additional Resources

The sustainability website offers plenty of resources for what you can do in your dorms to become more energy efficient and conserve resources.

The Loft at Addie's located on the second floor of Corcoran Commons provides students with local, sustainable foods for dinner, and every Thursday afternoon in the fall you can find a farmer's market in Corcoran Plaza for locally made bread as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Biking routes and racks are provided by the transportation department for your sustainable travels from places such as Newton Campus.

Leaky faucet? Can’t get that window to shut? Submit a Work Order to conserve energy and water.

Doing some research? Whether it is for course work or just for interest, visit the BC LibGuides section dedicated to Environmental Sciences. Find books, articles, and web resources on a variety of subjects.

Want to become more active on campus and make some friends in the process? You know that resume could always use another line. See what other students are up to on our Student Initiatives page, or check out our Events calendar to keep updated on upcoming campus events.