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“we do make a difference — one way or the other. we are responsible for the impact of our lives. whatever we do with whatever we have, we leave behind us a legacy for those who follow.” —stephen covey, author


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Photo by Savanna Kiefer, BC '17


Upcoming Events

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News in BC Sustainability


Beehive on Fulton Roof

An almunus has generatously donated a bee hive which was installed on the roof of Fulton this past semester! Protecting the bees is part of a larger effort to reduce colony collapse disorder, which is exacerbated by climate change. The two boxes on the roof deck contain the bees, with the second box containing sugar water to temporarily provide food for the bees.

Beekeepers installing the beehive on the roof of Fulton!
A close up of the bees



This summer Boston College expects to receive electricity grid alerts from our provider during heat waves, and we are asking all members of the BC community to play an active role in reducing campus energy consumption. By lowering campus electricity consumption during peak usage periods, Boston College will help to avoid area power outages, which can be dangerous to at-risk populations. To help BC do its part to increase the reliability of the electrical grid, members of the community are requested to reduce their individual energy usage.

Check out our video with tips on how to easily conserve energy!


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