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Where Can I Recycle My...

“the starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.” —norman cousins, journalist, professor, and world peace advocate

Plastic Bags

Do you have a pile of plastic bags hiding somewhere? Many local grocery stores have a drop-off location for plastic bags. Check with the grocer you frequent.


Personal Electronics and CFL's

Not sure what to do with that old TV now that you have a new high-power HDTV? What about your expired compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's)? Fortunately, many companies are accepting back their older products for recycling. Sony and Best Buy are just two of the companies that allow you to bring in, drop off, or mail in used electronic equipment.

Ever wonder what to do with your old VHS tapes? Keep them from ending up in a landfill by sending them to Alternative Community Training, a nonprofit Missouri company that provides jobs to people with disabilities. Workers erase the tapes, resell the ones that are in good shape, and recycle the plastic parts of the rest. So far, they've recycled more than 1 million tapes. Mail tapes (at the cheaper USPS media mail rate) to ACT, 2200 Burlington, Columbia, MO 65202. (Information thanks to Arianne Cohen.

Other organizations have formed specifically to facilitate electronics recycling for materials such as CDs and CD cases, phones and phone accessories, and CFL's. For how and where you can recycle these materials, visit the links below:

These sites list local recycling drop-off centers, advertise recycling events, and tell you what can and cannot be recycled. Although it may take a few extra steps to recycle your electronics and gadgets, the toxins prevented from going into landfills as the equipment decays will help secure the environment and humanity’s longevity.