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What's Being Recycled on Campus

“the starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.” —norman cousins, journalist, professor, and world peace advocate

Single Stream

Poster about paper recycling

Single Stream Recycling includes all of the following: Paper of any color, size, or type — newspapers, magazines, file folders, copy paper, junk mail, cardboard, pizza boxes (so long as the leftovers are eaten first), you name it! — can be recycled on campus. Remember: “If you can rip it, you can recycle it.” However, used paper towels, napkins, and tissues cannot be recycled. Look for the blue recycling bins located around campus and inside the buildings.

Although bath tissues and paper hand towels cannot be recycled, Boston College uses EcoLogo-certified bathroom tissue and hand towels from Kruger Products. Four types of bath tissue and paper towels are currently in use in restrooms across campus, and the GreenQuality promise assures that the products are manufactured under the highest possible sustainability standard. The products in use contain 100% recycled fiber (RF) and 88% post-consumer (PC) content.

Poster about commingled recycling

Bottles and Plastics - Just about every plastic, metal, or glass container can be recycled on campus. Everything except Styrofoam and plastic bags can be recycled.

Water bottles, soda cans, tuna cans, or iced tea bottles can be tossed into the single Stream containers found throughout campus and in the residence halls.

Recycling Containers

All rooms on campus have personal recycling containers, and suites have an additional bin to encourage even more recycling on campus. This makes it easier for students to recycle in their rooms, then bring the material to the proper receptacles located in each residential building.

Used Ink Cartridges & Batteries

Battery Box

For what to do with used printer ink cartridges, see the Information Technology Services recycling page.

Only rechargeable batteries and button batteries need to be recycled. To find out if your battery is recyclable and where you can recycle it, visit the Environmental Health & Safety page.

Computers & Electronics

Computers & Electronics

Not sure what to do with that old busted printer? Bring it to Information Technology Services (ITS) and have them recycle it for you. For more information, see the “Out with the Old” section of our Information Technology page, or visit Environmental Health & Safety's Special Recycling page.

BC Clean

BClean logo

BC CLEAN is one of the many ways Boston College helps the environment — and the local community. At the end of the year, students have opportunities to donate unwanted items through the BC Clean Program. Old furniture, clothing, shoes, and food are collected and given to those in need of them.


Gasson Hall in background, students in foreground

Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D) - Boston College recycles as much as possible when beginning work on new projects or when renovating older buildings. Material used or being replaced in construction projects is specified to be energy saving, especially for certain types of mechanical equipment. Recycling goals for future large-scale projects are projected to be around 85% or higher.

Carpet Recycling


Boston College also has a carpet recycling program. Certain types of carpeting can be recycled instead of going to the landfill.

What not to recycle

Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. Items such as glass contaminated with dirt or food waste, ceramics, crystals, and incandescent light bulbs should not go in your recycling bin.