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Department Initiatives

“the starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.” —norman cousins, journalist, professor, and world peace advocate


Dining Services

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Boston College Dining Services administration places a high priority on sustainability and has made great strides to integrate sustainable efforts of local vendors, manufacturers, and products into the department and university systems. Watch their latest Kitchen Confidential episode to see how they've gone green.


Facilities Management

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Photo by Savanna Kiefer, BC '17

Facilities Management works on the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Boston College’s buildings and property, and has comitted to operate in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner.

They have developed Sustainable Operations Guidelines to ensure that Boston College is using the best practices in sustainable management of campus affairs. These guidelines describe their aspirations in this regard, the procedures in place to help achieve them, and the metrics used to track performance.


Information Technology

information technology

Although advances in technology facilitate daily functions, computers and other informational technology are an enormous strain on the environment. Information Technology Services (ITS) at Boston College is mitigating this burden by replacing outdated equipment and preventing further harm by instituting energy-saving standards for new purchases. Visit the ITS web site for more information.

Additional pro-environmental actions are being implemented around campus, including a limit on student printing.



Out with the Old

As part of the Boston College Computer Replacement program, workstations for faculty and staff are refreshed every four years. The process replaces outdated workstations with current configurations. The old computers are sent back to Dell, which reuses and recycles the material. Visit the BCCR web site to learn more.

BC also offers a computer removal program. ITS and Facilties Services work together to pick up and remove old or broken computer peripherals (printers, monitors, etc.) from faculty and staff offices so the material can be transferred to places of proper reuse and disposal. Before computers are recycled, any sensitive data is removed from the hard drive.

In with the New

When BCCR personnel select vendors for equipment purchases, they request that the vendors fill out the section on the Request for Purchase (RFP) that asks for data on the energy rating and consumption of each unit.


Our Recycling section has more information on how to recycle your used computers and other electronic products: