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Green Buildings

Boston College is committed to designing and constructing sustainable buildings that are energy efficient, conserve water, provide a high level of occupant comfort and safety and have longevity.

To meet this standard, BC is committed to design and construct all new campus buildings to a minimum LEED Silver rating with the goal of a higher rating when feasible.  Boston College has 5 LEED buildings and one building completed with anticipation of being awarded LEED silver certification.

To learn more about LEED certification standards, visit the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED website.


Saint Peter Faber Jesuit Community

Faber Jesuit Community

Existing LEED buildings:  Blessed Peter Faber Jesuit Community on the Brighton Campus; 4 residential buildings have been awarded LEED Homes, Platinum certificates and the community/administrative building has been awarded LEED New Construction, Silver certificate.


Stokes Hall

Stokes Hall, Campus View

Stokes Hall, an 183,000 sf building housing Humanities and Arts and Sciences Departments was completed in January, 2013. In December 2013, Stokes was certified as LEED NC Silver.





2150 Commonwealth Ave

2150 Commonwealth Avenue residence hall opens fall of 2016, and houses 490 students, and also house the University Health Services clinic. It is LEED NC Silver, and is the first BC dorm to have a water filtration and recycling system which will reduce the water consumption of the building.

2150 outside
Photos by Savanna Kiefer, BC '17


Stayer Hall

BC has four existing buildings that have Energy Star ratings - Medeiros Hall, Stayer Hall, 129 Lake Street, and The Cadigan Alumni Center. These standards of energy efficiency are also being sought for additional buildings on campus.