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Sustainability at Boston College

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Recyclemania Results

Week Total Recycling Ranking ACC Ranking Weekly Recycling Rate Recycling per capita (lbs/person) Total Recycling (lbs) Food Organics (lbs/person)
1   1st 42.27% 3.75 75,980 .92
2   1st 37.00% 6.77 140,260 1.85
3   1st 41.53% 12.08 241,960 2.81
4   1st 43.73% 16.79 334,880 3.81
5 22nd 1st 42.77% 18.94 377,820 4.30
7 21 1st 42.58% 26.067 524,260 6.185

Professional Studies Certificate in Sustainability now offered at the Woods College!

The Woods College of Advancing Studies is now offering a 6 course online program to position students to meet a growing need in our workforce for a specialized environmental skillset. Students will take courses in pressing issues such as climate change, effects of population and shifting demographics, and the ensuing natural resource limits, and each course will focus on both the science and policies of these issues. 

The program is open to students who hold a high school or bachelor's degree. More info can be found here.


Six Products Making the Most of Plastic Ocean Waste

These awesome companies are recycling ocean plastics and wastes into chairs, shoes, rugs and so much more! Check out the article here, or for more information about the companies and products visit our resources page.


Living Healthy and Sustainably

Check out our new page on Personal Health where we provide you options to get started on a healthier and ecofriendly lifestyle.


This Month's Environmental Eagle Newsletter

Take a look at our monthly newsletters, created by EcoPledge of Boston College.

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