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β€œthe starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.” —norman cousins, journalist, professor, and world peace advocate


Recycling is the easiest and most effective way to act in an eco-friendly manner. You can do your part for the earth every day simply by recycling your bottles, cans, paper, and other waste products.



Recyclying Results

In the 2013 Fiscal Year, Boston College increased it's recycling rate by 5%. Below are recycling results, materials use, and waste from June 2012 through May 2013.

Total Materials Collected
5021 tons
Total Recycled
2052 tons
Recycling Rate
Materials Per Capita
595 lbs/person
Recycling Rate Per Capita
243 lbs/person
  • For every person at BC, yearly waste generated is equal to 4 people.
  • For every person at BC, recycling generated is equal to 1 2/3 people.


Food waste also accounts for a major portion of trash collected on campus. The dining halls at BC compost this food waste, collecting 297 tons in the 2013 Fiscal Year--a 12% increase from 2012.


Single-stream recycling

Single-stream recycling

Boston College is a single-stream recycling institution; meaning that all recyclables β€” including glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard β€” are placed into a single bin. Eliminating the need to sort the materials makes recycling more user friendly and increases recycling volume by 30%.

Did you know that you can recycle wire clothes hangers? Empty aerosol cans? Juice boxes? Boston College now has single-stream recycling in most of the dining halls and residence halls.


recycling contests

What better way to encourage recycling than through a friendly competition? Visit our Recycling Contests page to read about the contests.


Check out the recycling video made by members of our team!


recycling in surrounding communities

For information related to recycling in your community, please see our Community Resources page.