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Lenten Resources


The Death of Jesus: Four Gospel Accounts
By using this online tutorial, participants will be able to explore the four different Gospel passion narratives and encounter each evangelist's unique insights into the spiritual meaning of Jesus' execution. This Internet-based distance learning initiative will be especially useful for RCIA programs, religious educators, liturgy planners, and preachers. This tutorial is a collaborative project between the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning and C21 Online.


Liturgical Readings of the Passion Project
Over a period of several years, the Continuing Seminar on Biblical Issues in Jewish-Christian Relations of the Catholic Biblical Association studied the Gospel passion narratives in regard to their presentations of Jews and Judaism. The Seminar prepared suggested lections of the passion narratives for use during Lent.


Season of Freedom, Season of Rebirth [video segments on Passover and Easter]
In the springtime, both Christians and Jews celebrate the saving power of God. These excerpts on the U.S. Bishops' website are from episode four of Walking God's Paths: Christians and Jews in Candid Conversation, show how the related feasts of Passover and Easter ritually re-enact defining foundational events for both religious traditions. Click HERE for the video.


About Jewish - Catholic Seders
An information sheet the explains why it is beneficial for Jews and Catholics to experience the Exodus together, but with cautions against disrespecting the Jewish character of the Seder by staging a Last Supper "drama."


A Panel Discussion: Christ's Passion: What's at Stake for Christians and Jews? - Personal Meditations for Holy Week
A streaming video presentation. Profs. Philip Cunningham, Raymond Helmick, SJ, John Michalczyk and Louis Roy, OP offer personal reflections on the meaning of the passion and resurrection of Jesus. Cunningham presents some biblical and historical insights; Helmick discusses the passion story as what Jesus as the Christ does for us, rather than in terms of what wicked people did to Jesus; Roy speaks about Jesus and the Church as active participants in God's response to the fact and issue of evil; and Michalczyk offers two personal experiences of passion and resurrection.


Suggested Revised Lyrics for Lenten Hymns
Alternate lyrics for two hymns frequently used in Lent that are problematic for Christian-Jewish relations specifically or interreligious relations more generally:

Lift High the Cross

Lord of the Dance


[U.S.] Bishops' Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Criteria for the Evaluation of Dramatizations of the Passion (1988)
The full text of specific standards to be used in assessing whether dramatic presentations of the crucifixion conform to Roman Catholic teaching. 

Philip A. Cunningham, "Portraying the Passion: The Gospels, Christian Theologies of Judaism, and Antisemitism"
From Boston College's FRONT ROW, this link accesses a streaming media version of a Powerpoint-based presentation given at Boston College. The Powerpoint slides may be downloaded and printed to augment the viewing of the program by clicking HERE.   


Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
Numerous analyses and materials related to the violent and controversial 2004 movie, which the French Catholic bishops cautioned against: "This violence, which overwhelms the viewer, results in eclipsing the meaning of the Passion and more importantly, the essence of the person and the message of Christ: love carried to perfection in the gift of his willing self-sacrifice." Use of the film in religious education settings is strongly discouraged.



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