Photo: Paula Champagne


Kaiti Jones MSW’17 

The singer-songwriter discusses her sophomore album, Tossed.

What is the power of music? I had this T-shirt in college that I loved with a quote by Beethoven: “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Music has the ability to convey emotion, prompt introspection, and just bring out and conjure feelings in people—with or without words. There’s just something holy and mystical about what it does.

How would you describe your music? That’s the ongoing challenge. Today, I would say—and tomorrow I will probably change my mind, or even in five minutes—lyric-driven or story-driven indie-folk-rock.

What themes do you explore on the new album? I like to write about what it is to be a person—the contradictions of being a person. There are a few songs on the record where I’m calling out dichotomies, of feeling all these different things in one moment. I can feel at home and homesick. I can feel really confident and arrived, and also completely brand-new and that I know nothing.

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