Tia Guay '26 is running this year's marathon to benefit InnerCity Weightlifting.

Racing for impact

Meet the BC students and alumni lacing up for local charities in this year’s Boston Marathon

It’s no secret that Eagles everywhere love to give back, even if doing so requires months of training and a grueling 26.2 mile workout. This year, more than 60 Boston College students and 15 alumni have signed up to run the 128th Boston Marathon for charities of their choosing, raising thousands for life-changing organizations like Dana-Farber and Special Olympics Massachusetts. Read about their inspirations below, and cheer them on in whatever way works for you, whether it's a donation or a high-five at Mile 21.

Running for a cure

For sophomore Jack Griffin, running the Boston Marathon isn’t just about completing a race, "it’s about making a tangible difference in the lives of families facing the unimaginable challenges of cancer.” He and 19 others are raising money for organizations like the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, IMPACT Melanoma, and The Family Reach Foundation, while dedicating their races to loved ones impacted by cancer and other diseases.

A runner standing with a woman

Owen Anastas

A runner

Jack Griffin

A woman standing

Hadley Middelton

A runner

Lily Steele

My mom is 100% my inspiration for running to support Dana-Farber. Watching someone battle cancer with everything they have was incredibly inspiring and I felt like I needed to do something to give back. I know that she will be watching over me the entire race.
Owen Anastas ’25

Giving back to the community

Junior Grace Petrick and sophomore Anna Quinn are running on behalf of an organization near and dear to their hearts: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts. “They’ve given me a community of Littles and BC students that I am so grateful for,” said Petrick of the mentoring program, which has a Boston College chapter. “I love running around with my Little every week—she keeps me active whether we’re playing basketball, soccer, or tag.” 

A man outside

Zade Hirsch

A runner running

Ike Pawsat

A runner standing

Grace Petrick

A runner

Anna Quinn

Favorite song on your running playlist?

'No Surrender' by Bruce Springsteen.
James Redding ’27

Supporting inclusive athletics

Sophomore Nicholas Stec was initially drawn to the Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center because of its acronym (it matches his last name!) but after reading about its mission, he was hooked. He's already surpassed his $7,500 fundraising goal for the afterschool program, which provides free and low-cost tennis lessons, academics, and life skills programming to underserved Boston youth. “As a lifelong tennis player, I know how many important lessons you can learn about yourself and about life on the court,” Stec said.

A man standing outside

Brendan Armstrong

A runner

Tia Guay

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Madeline Sullivan

A runner after a race

Nicholas Stec

What will be going through your mind at Mile 21?

Gratitude. For the opportunity to run the best race in the world for the best cause in the world, for everyone who supported me on my journey (especially my family), and for the amazing school I get to call my home away from home.
Brody Whetzel ’26

Extending a helping hand

Senior Annabelle Beaton had personal reasons for selecting the Brigham and Women's Hospital Stepping Strong Center for her charity. As the daughter, granddaughter, and niece of veterans who has also lost a loved one to suicide, Beaton is familiar with the complex physical and emotional effects of trauma. "The Stepping Strong Center represents strength, courage, resilience, compassion, and hope for trauma survivors," she said. "I am so proud to run in honor and memory of those who cannot."

A woman standing in a doorway

Annabelle Beaton

A woman standing outside

Chloe Don

A woman standing outside

Elizabeth Freeman

Haley House was my BC PULSE placement my sophomore year. It helped to orient me to a life of service for others and has radically changed the lives of so many.
Chloe Don '24

Raising autism awareness

When senior Emilia Boggs joined the Flutie Foundation’s marathon team, she thought her only BC connection would be the football legend himself. But at a team event in Southie, she met a member of the foundation who has autism and happens to work at BC’s popular Hillside Cafe. “It is incredible to see what he has accomplished through the Flutie Foundation,” said Boggs. “We get lunch once a week after his shift and I could not be more grateful for our new friendship.”

A runner

Emilia Boggs

A woman running

Ella Weaver

I am incredibly excited to be running for an amazing foundation that uplifts the community affected by autism and has strong connections with BC!
Ella Weaver '24