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Group Summer Housing Process Guidelines

office of residential life


Thank you for your interest in the BC Summer Housing & Conferences Program. The following is a brief guideline for preparing for a Summer Housing program on campus. Only Boston College departments and organizations may request housing services. Due to limited resources, housing is not available for external organizations. If at any time you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to email us at or call 617-552-4727.

  1. Before contacting the various departments on campus to request their services, you should first develop a list of things that your program, conference, or camp may need. These may include:
      a. Classroom/lecture/meeting space
      b. Dining facilities
      c. Catering
      d. Housing
      e. Linen service
      f. Lounge space
      g. Parking
      h. Internet/phone access
      i. Gymnasium access
      j. Laundry
      k. Media technology
  2. If you need catering services or classroom space, you must secure them through the Boston College Bureau of Conferences BEFORE contacting Residential Life. Due to the number of groups that return annually, the BoC is typically unable to accommodate requests from outside the University.
  3. If you have confirmed reservations with BoC or only need housing services, you must complete the Summer Housing Group Enquiry form. You will need a BC username and password to access this form. Please contact us by email at with any questions.Walkthrough process can be found here.
  4. Once you have completed a reservation, a contract will be drafted. You should receive your contract within 15 business days. If you do not, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we are unable to meet your requirements, we will contact you immediately.
  5. Once you receive the initial contract, please read it through in its entirety very carefully. Any changes should be made prior to both parties signing the contract. It is important that all details specific to your group are included in the contact. The contract is very useful, because it specifies in writing the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including critical dates. The contract also contains useful contact information for the other key departments on campus.
  6. If this is the first time you have worked with our office to obtain Summer Housing, you will be required to meet with the Assistant Director of Operations & Summer Housing before the contract is signed.
  7. After all necessary changes have been made to the contract, please make two copies and sign and date each. Send both copies back to our office to be signed by a representative of Residential Life. One copy will then be returned to you for your records.
  8. If any changes must be made prior to both parties signing the contract, a request to do so must be made in writing (email is fine). An amendment memo will then be written and distributed. Depending on how major the change is, signatures may or may not be necessary.
  9. As we near the Summer season, you will be contacted by the Summer Coordinator responsible for working directly with your group.
  10. You will receive two opportunities for feedback. A survey is available online for all of our guests, and a survey for group leaders is distributed the following October.


Process Schedule   Necessary Steps
October–December   Complete Service Reservation Form/Feedback Survey
February–April   Receive contract; meetings as necessary
60 days prior to arrival   Cancellation/reduction policy In effect
10 business days prior to arrival   Participant rosters due
Summer   Program, meetings as necessary


2015 summer rates for camps, conferences, and summer students are currently under review by the University and will be communicated to registered groups after the final approval.

Amenity Service Options
  • Camp Basic: Toilet paper, tissues and trash bags
  • Conference Standard: Basic bedding in wrapped package, tissues, and toilet paper
  • Conference Premium: Made beds, cups, soap, hangers, tissues, and toilet paper