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Off-Campus Rental Agents

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A Rental Agent is a real estate officer or realtor who will show you apartments and act as an intermediary between you and the potential landlord.  For this service, you generally pay a finder’s fee equal to one month’s rent. Realtors do not charge for simply showing apartments, but rather for the execution of the contract and paperwork.

It is recommended that prior to leaving a rental agent’s office that you be CLEAR about the EXACT AMOUNT of the “finder’s fee/commission fee.”

Be sure the first thing you do is to check the Off-Campus Housing website ( to request a list of apartments/houses; this list also has rooms in a home-living with a family. Many apartments/houses are listed directly by landlords.  Apartments listed by owners do not charge a fee; it is illegal for an owner to charge a fee!

Some things to Consider:
Pet Owners: Be aware that the NO PETS policy of many management companies and private landlords are strictly enforced.  It is especially difficult for people with dogs to locate and secure appropriate housing; make sure that you discuss this with your landlord, prior to signing contracts. 



Academy Realty 617-782-5446 35 Chestnut Hill Ave Brighton
Albert Corporation 617-277-7600 10 Harvard St. Brookline
All-Bright Real Estate 617-783-9151 1247 Commonwealth Ave Allston
All-Points Property 617-566-7000 358 Chestnut Hill Ave 208 Brighton
Apartment Depot 617-232-1911 1246A Commonwealth Ave Allston
At Home Realty 617-738-1820 1212B Commonwealth Ave Allston
Bay Realty Group 617-736-5500 879 Beacon St. Boston
Better Place Realty 617-731-4404 1038 Beacon St. Brookline
Boston Development Group 617-332-6400x34 93 Union St. Suite 315  
Boston Exit Realty 617-730-9800 1032A Commonwealth Ave Boston
Boston Realty Associates 617-277-5100 1102 Commonwealth Ave Boston
Bretton Realty 617-566-9800 1001 Beacon St. Brookline
Centre Realty Group 617-338-4499 483  Washington St. Brighton
Castles Unlimited 617-264-7900 8 Alton Place Brookline
Centre Realty Group 617-332-0079 460 Washington St. Brighton
Centry 21 (Howard Group) 617-739-2111 1288 Beacon St. Brookline
Charlesgate Realty Group 617-587-9877 36 Gloucester St. Suite 2 Boston
City Central Realty 617-738-7700 344 Harvard St. Brookline
City Realty Group 617-739-7000 372 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton
City Wide Real Esate 617-738-8080 477 Harvard St. Brookline
Classic Realty 617-232-3001 397A Harvard St. Brookline
Coldwell Banker-Hunneman 617-731-2447 1375 Beacon St. Brookline
Coldwell Banker-Hunneman 617-969-2447 1261 Centre St. Newton
Commonwealth Ave Associates 617-254-5712 1101 Commonwealth Ave. Boston
Commonwealth Realty Group 617-787-6960 957 Commonwealth Ave. Boston
Condo World 617-734-0511 1577 Beacon St. Brookline
Cosmopolitan Properties 617-232-0007 192 Harvard St. Brookline
DeWolfe Bailey Realty 617-965-7171 858 Walnut St. Newton
East Coast Management 617-264-9400 x101 14 Cumberland St.#1 Brighton
East Coast Realty 857-207-7579 1212 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
F&F Property Management 617-323-2224 1678 Beacon St. Brookline
Freesom Realty 617-566-6300 1298 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
Full Circle Realty 617-302-6593 15 Dorr St. Boston
Great Places Realty 617-254-9400 2199 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
Greenline Realty 617-731-5434 1956 Beacon St. Brookline
Hugjes Associate 617-731-9316 826 Boylston St., Rt.9 Chestnut Hill
Harvard Ave Realty 617-732-0000 1216 Commonwealth Ave 1 Allston
Hammond Residential RE 617-731-9316 826 Boylston St. Chestnut Hill
Hub Realty 617-424-1010
971 Commonwealth Ave Boston
Jacob Realty 617-236-4048 279 Newbury St. Ste. 2 Boston
Kunevich & Lau 617-731-1015 241 Washington St. Brookline
LBK Realty 617-332-2266 341 Watertown St. Newton
Liberty Real Esate 617-277-3600 223 Harvard Ave Allston
Marc Roos Realty 617-236-8600 484 Commonwealth Ave. Boston
Marquis Real Estate 617-782-1234 384 Washington St. Brighton
Metro Realty 617-232-2255 9 Babcock St. Brookline
Next Step Properties 617-794-5447 169 Amory St. Brookline
Neighbors Realty 617-738-0295 1284 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
New Star Realty, Korean 206-734-1407 111 Washington St. Newton
Newton Center Assoc. 617-965-3300 50 Union St. Suite 200 Newton
Nipon International Realty 617-536-1792 93 Mass Ave Suite 410 Boston
Octagon Realty 617-236-5687 PO Box 1997 Brookline
On Line Realty 617-731-5300 202 Harvard Ave. Allston
Park Property Management Group 617-789-3944 1936 Commonwealth Ave 1 Brighton
Palow Marshall Realty 617-232-1800 1212B Commonwealth Ave. Allston
Phoenix Realty 617-731-3311 x10 231 Harvard Ave. Allston
Preview Properties Inc. 617-731-0101 1694 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
Prudential Town & Country 781-237-8787 239 Washington St. Wellesley
Realty Direct 617-461-4973 1580 Tremont St. Brighton
Realty Resource Associates 617-730-5300 1240 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
RE/MAZ Leading Edge 617-926-7060 142 Galen St. Watertown
Remax Select Realty 617-787-0700 1211 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
Rudis Realty 617-497-0101   Brighton
Spotlight Realty 617-383-6996 1018 Beacon St. Ste., 202 Brookline
Tiachi Realty 617-927-0007 842 Beacon St. Boston
TNM Realty 617-527-6655 242 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill
Twin Realty 617-232-0963 211A Harvard Ave. Allston
Weathervane Realty 857-244-3473 1434 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton

By Owner/Property Manager - No Fee

Better Place Realty ½ mo fee 617-713-4404 31-35 South St. Apartments Brighton
Corporate Real Estate Services 800-457-7356 Lincoln St. Boston
Dexter Park, Luxury Bldg 617-738-1533 175 Freeman St. Brookline
Field Corp 617-738-5700 1376B Commonwealth Ave. Allston
2000 Commonwealth Ave, Luxury Bldg 617-782-8688 Boston College Only!!! Brighton
Warren House 617-527-6616 1600 Washington St. West Newton
Reservoir Towers, Luxury, Bldg 617-783-1525 1925 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
Boston Development Group 617-332-6400x34 219 Ave Apartments Chestnut Hill

For a PDF version of this list, click here .