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Apartment Checklist

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Housing Code Checklist

Always remember when beginning your housing search to be deliberate about all of your choices. It is your decision and your life that will be affected. No matter how good a deal sounds, and no matter how nice an owner or agent seems, you have to be sure that it is the right choice for you. The consequences could be more serious than you think!

If you are interested in having a handy reference, click here for an Adobe Reader PDF version of the Housing Code Checklist...

  • Heating: Radiators and ducts should be present in every room. Check to see who controls the heat. If your landlord does, make sure that you will still have access to a thermostat. Check windows for duct tape to conserve energy and stop drafts.
  • Electricity: Are there sufficient outlets? Does the lighting seem sufficient?
  • Smoke Alarms: Make sure they exist and have working batteries.
  • Furniture: If the apartment is furnished, make sure you know what it is furnished with and that it is in good condition.
  • Water: Do the toilets work? Big question!! What would you do if they didn't??
  • Bugs: Under no circumstances should you move in before exterminating any and all pests.
  • Kitchen: Appliances should work. They should all be basically up to date and free of hassles.
  • Leaks: Check all walls and ceilings for cracks and stains.
  • Security: Locks should be secure. The doors should have a deadbolt lock, chain, and peephole. All windows should have locks. There is nothing wrong with asking the landlord to change the locks when you move in. After all, you have no way of knowing who has the keys to the door.

Moving into your own place can be fun, but only if you are sure you made a wise decision. These helpful hints can keep you from being very unhappy in your new home.