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What Do Those Abbreviations Stand For?

office of residential life

24HR DRM: Doorman is on duty 24 hours.
A/C: Air-conditioned
AG: Agency or agent: an individual or company appointed by the apartment to manage the building, collect rents, etc.
APPL: Appliances
APT: Apartment
AVAIL: Available
BARS: Security bars installed on windows to prevent break-ins
BB: Back Bay
BDRM: Bedroom
BKR: Broker: an agent appointed by the landlord to prospective tenants and to negotiate leases. A broker's fee is usually paid by the new tenant when the lease is signed.
BKYD: Backyard
BLDG: Building
BRK: Brick
BRNSTN: Brownstone: a three-to five-story building usually without an elevator, so named because of traditional "brownstone" or brick fa├žade
BSMT: Basement
COED: Both males and females
CONDO: An apartment building whose apartments are owned, rather than rented, by the building's tenants
CONV TRNS: Convenient to transportation
D/D: Dishwasher and disposal
D/W: Dishwasher
DA: Dining area
DR: Dining room
DRMN: Doorman: a building employee stationed at building entrance to provide security
DUP: Duplex: a two-floor apartment/unit
EFF: Efficiency: a studio apartment
EIK: Eat-in-kitchen: a kitchen large enough to hold a table and chairs
ELEC: Electricity
ELEV: Elevator
EXP BK: Exposed brick
FLR: Floor
FP: Fireplace
FULL KITCHEN: A kitchen with full-sized appliances
FURN: Furnished
G/E: Gas and electricity
GAR: Garage
GD VU: Good view
HI CEIL: High ceilings (at least 10 ft.)
HLTH: Health club
HRDWD: Hardwood floors
HSE: House
HSMTS: Housemates
HT, HTD: Heated
IMM OCC: Immediate occupancy
INC: Includes or Including
INTERCOM: A two-way communication system with microphones and speakers to identify visitors before unlocking door
K/B: Kitchen/bathroom
LANDLORD: A person who owns the apartment and to whom rent is paid
LEASE: A legal document signed by both the landlord and the tenant specifying the details of the tenancy
LG: Large
LND, LNDR: Laundry
LOFT: An industrial space converted to a living space
LUX: Luxury: a full-service apartment with 24-hour doorman, laundry room, and elevator
LVRM/LRM: Living room
MO: Monthly
MOD APPL: Modern appliances
MOD: Modern
NO FEE: No charge by a real estate agent or broker
NO PTS: No pets
NON-SMO: A person who does not smoke cigarettes, cigars, etc.
NR: Near
NWLY REN: Newly renovated
OWNER: The owner manages the building.
OWNER/OCC: Owner occupied: the owner lives in the building.
PK VU: Park view
PNTHS: Penthouse: an apartment on the top floor of a building
PREM: Premises
PULMN KI: Pullman kitchen: a small kitchen along one wall
PVT BATH: Private bathroom
PVT RM: Private room
QT: Quiet
REFS REQD: References required
REN: Renovated
RFDK: Roof deck
RIV VU: River view
RM: Room
ROOMMATE: a person with whom one shares an apartment
SEC: Security deposit
SEP KIT: Separate kitchen
SF: Square feet
SHARE: Arrangement whereby one rents an apartment with one or more others who already live in the apartment
SKYLT: Skylight
SL ALCOV: Sleeping alcove: an area large enough for a bed, not a separate room
SLEEP LOFT: A platform at least six feet above the floor containing a bed
SO EX: Southern exposure: an apartment that faces south
STUDIO: a one-room apartment with a separate bathroom
STY: Story or floor
SUBLET: An arrangement whereby a legal tenant of an apartment rents to someone else
T: Near public transportation
TENANT: A person who rents an apartment from the landlord
TERR: Terrace: a path or balcony
TH/TWNHSE: Townhouse
UTIL INCL: Utilities are included in the monthly rent.
UTIL: Utilities (gas and electricity)
VU: View
W/: With
W/D: Washer/dryer
W/UTIL: Rent includes the cost of gas and electricity
WLKIN CLO: Walk-in closet
WTR VU: Water view
WW: Wall-to-wall carpeting
XLNT: Excellent