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First-Year Information

office of residential life

What if I’m a newly accepted student and I experience problems trying to complete my housing application on the Agora Portal?
The housing application will become available to students 1 to 2 business days after the enrollment confirmation fee has been submitted to BC. If you have received confirmation that your fee was received and you are still experiencing trouble, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 617-552-3060. If you are unsure if you have made payment or have not received confirmation of payment, please call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 617-552-3100.
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When will I be receiving my housing assignment?
Housing assignments will be communicated via email during the first week in August.
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What is the difference between Upper and Newton Campus?
Newton Campus is located about 1½ miles from the Chestnut Hill campus and is serviced by a continuous shuttle bus between the two campuses. Approximately 850 First Year students live in the six residence halls. The 40-acre Newton Campus has its own dining hall, mailroom, chapel, and recreational fields. For additional information, please visit the BC shuttle site.

Upper Campus houses approximately 1,300 First Year students in 13 residence halls. The students on Upper Campus will have access to the dining hall, mailroom, and chapel. Both campuses have laundry facilities, exercise rooms, and entertainment/recreation areas.
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What type of accommodations are available for First Year students?
The majority of the rooms are traditional double-occupancy accommodations. There are a limited number of single occupancy, triple, and quad rooms available on both the Upper and Newton Campuses. First Year students students may indicate up to 3 room type preferences within their housing application located in the Agora portal. Although we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be honored, your responses will be considered as much as possible. 
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I already did my housing application on Agora Portal. Can I change my preferences?
Students may access previously completed steps of their housing application until Tuesday, July 1, with the exception of the optional special interest housing steps that will close on Friday, June 13.
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How can I request a roommate?
Roommate requests may be made within your housing application.  Requests must be mutuallly confirmed between students to be considered. Our office will do our best to honor roommate requests, however they are not guaranteed.
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What if I meet someone at orientation whom I would like to room with?
Please follow the instructions above.  Once the housing application closes, we will be unable to accept any additional requests.
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Are the halls air conditioned?
No. None of the First Year residence halls are air conditioned.
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What size is my room? What are the sizes of my windows?

  Room Sizes Window Sizes
Newton Campus Double rooms 18' × 11'
Single rooms 13' × 9'
Double-room windows 66" × 64"
Single-room windows 66" × 64"
Upper Campus Double rooms 16' × 12'
Single rooms 16' × 9'
Double-room windows 62" × 64"
Single-room windows 62" × 42"

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What is the size of my mattress?
Mattresses are twin, extra-long: 36" × 80".
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Can I bring my own mattress?
No. Students who have a medical need to bring their own mattress must submit medical documentation from their health care provider. This documentation should consist of a full medical history, as it pertains to the condition and provide a detailed explanation of why the student should be permitted to bring their own mattress to campus.  Documentation should be faxed to our office: 617-552-2536, Attn: Assignments & Occupancy or mailed: Boston College, Office of Residential Life, Maloney Hall, Suite 413, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 no later than Friday, June 20.

The documentation will be reviewed by our accommodations committee, comprised of professionals from the Office of Residential Life, Dean of Students Office and Health Services.  Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified via their BC email account.

If the request is approved, the student will be required to provide documentation that indicates the mattess satisfies state and local fire safety regulations.  
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What is provided for me in my room?
Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, chair and dresser for each occupant.  Each room also has connections for cable TV, telephone and internet.  Each room also contains a built-in closet for each student*.  Most rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting as well.

*-Students assigned to forced triple rooms share closet space among all occupants.
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What should I bring?

Mattress pad (no foam mattress pads; e.g., egg crate, memory foam, etc.)
Bed linens
Shower sandals
Bucket/tote for toiletries
Iron & ironing board
Laundry basket
Laundry detergent
Cleaning supplies
Dust busters/lightweight vacuum
Small fan
Desk lamp
Alarm clock
Touch-tone phone
Television with cable-ready connection & coaxial cable
Surge protector power strip
Grounded three-prong adapter (for Shaw, Medeiros, and Greycliff)
Masking tape

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What can I not bring?
For a list of prohibited items, please read the Safety and Security Policies and the Conditions for Residency.
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How do I get into my room?
Residents gain access to their residence hall by swiping their BC ID through a small reader located next to the exterior doors. Once inside, residents use their private combination or key to enter their room. Your combination or key will be given to you at check-in.
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When and where can I check in for the Fall?
Check-in dates for all transition periods are published on our Hall Openings and Closings page.  Information on particular transition periods, such as Fall Opening, is updated yearly and published a few months ahead of the transition.

Students attending Orientation Session 7 will check-in to their room assignment for the school year.
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How do people send mail to me at school?
Each residence hall has been assigned a P.O. box number as well as a street address. Click here for mailing addresses.
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