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Frequently Asked Questions

honors house program

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Q: What if I want to live in honors housing but don’t have a roommate?

A: Incoming freshmen may submit roommate requests within their housing application.  It is important to communicate with the student(s) you wish to request as roommates to ensure they are eligible for honors housing and have applied to the community.  Roommate requests are not guaranteed.  Incoming freshmen who do not make roommate requests will be matched using information within the Roommate Questionnaire step of your housing application.  Upperclassmen students may indicate roommate requests within their honors housing application.  Though we accept applications from students without roommate requests, full groups will be given priority in the selection process.  Please be mindful of this information as you choose your roommates.

Q: What if I want to live with someone who is not in honors?
A: Upperclassmen honors students must indicate all requested roommates honors affiliations, including non-honors roommates.  All roommates, regardless of their honors affiliation, must complete an application.

Incoming freshmen students may make roommate requests through their housing application in the Agora portal. 

The order of preference for honors housing roommate requests are:


  1. Arts & Sciences honors students
  2. CSOM, CSON & LSOE honors students
  3. Non-honors students

66 Commonwealth Avenue & Gabelli Halls:

  1. Honors students currently living in Medeiros or 66
  2. Honors students not currently living in Medeiros or 66
  3. Non-honors students currently living in Medeiros or 66
  4. Non-honors students not currently living in Medeiros or 66

Q: For Medeiros and 66, how do you place students in doubles or triples?
A: Placement within the hall will be random. Roommate preferences, as well as preferences for the number of roommates, will be considered to the best of our ability.

Q: I'm an upperclassmen and want to see if I get an 8-person suite before I decide about honors housing?
A: Upperclassmen students who apply for honors housing will receive a decision about their application prior to spring break.  The Office of Residential Life will automatically presume a student's acceptance of placement within the honors community, unless a student contacts us.  The timeline for the release of acceptance decisions and deadline for notifying our office if you wish to decline your acceptance may be found within the application materials.  Any student who declines their placement must participate in the larger room selection process, either as part of a group or by registering for final selection in order to guarantee themselves on-campus housing.  Once a placement is declined, it will be immediately forfeited and offered to a waitlisted student.

Q: What if I accept my placement in 66 or Gabelli honors housing and decide later that I don’t want to live there anymore?
A: Any accepted honors student who does not notify our office of their decision to decline their placement by the deadline published in the application materials will be presumed to accept it, as offered.  Decision changes after the deadline will not be processed.

Important Dates for Sophomores and Juniors

All applicable application dates and deadlines may be found within the application materials.


Please direct any questions regarding the honors house program to and a residential life staff member will contact you.


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