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BCTemp Request

temporary pool — manager instructions


The Department of Human Resources at Boston College offers temporary employment opportunities to qualified secretarial, clerical, and service applicants through its Boston College Temporary Pool (known as the BCTemp Pool). For BC managers, the BCTemp Pool offers short-term clerical, service, and administrative help for special projects or for vacant regular support staff positions such as Administrative Secretary, Receptionist, Customer Service Representatives, Database Specialist, Secretary II, Data Entry Clerk, and Office Assistant.

The BCTemp Pool will provide a qualified temporary person for a day, a week, a month, or more (up to a maximum of six months for an open position). All BCTemp Pool applicants are carefully screened, tested, and interviewed by the Department of Human Resources. Please review the information below about funding a BCTemp, requesting a BCTemp, and reporting hours for a BCTemp. If you need additional information, please contact the Employment Office by phone at (617) 552-3330.

Reasons for Requesting a BCTemp

  • Vacant slot due to promotion, transfer, or termination
  • Special project
  • Need for coverage during leave(s) of absence and support staff vacations

Funding a BCTemp

A department must pay for a BCTemp through its department budget. The subcode in which to place the funds is 53150. If coverage is needed because a position is vacant, funds can be transferred from the vacant position (office and clerical staff only). In the case of a special project, funding must come from the department's operating budget. For leaves of absence or other extraordinary absence, a department can request funding from the appropriate Vice President.

After a BCTemp is assigned to your department and a rate is determined, a Budget Transfer must be completed and submitted online through PeopleSoft Financials. This is essential for the BCTemp to receive payment and must be received by the Budget Office (through PeopleSoft Financials) prior to the BCTemp’s first day of work.

Reporting BCTemp Hours

BCTemps report their hours on a Special "Write-In" Time Sheet. After insuring the accuracy of the number of hours reported, the account number, and the hourly wage, the supervisor signs the form and returns it to the BCTemp. The BCTemp must bring the time slip to the Employment Office, 129 Lake Street, no later than Friday at 10:00 a.m. (except on a week prior to a Monday holiday, when the time slip must be turned in on Thursday by 10:00 a.m.; or a Friday holiday, when time sheets must be turned in on Wednesday by 10:00 a.m.). The Employment office also accepts faxed Special Write-In Time Sheets at (617) 552-4674.