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Graduate Student Stipends:
PeopleSoft HR Terminate Grad Students

The Terminate Grad Students feature allows Managers to terminate or cancel a student stipend that has been processed in PeopleSoft HR.

Grad Students who have graduated or who will no longer be working in a specific department should be terminated.

Terminate Grad Student Find an Existing Value
Field Description
Grad Stipend Number/



Enter the Grad Stipend Number you would like to terminate a student in OR

Enter other field value(s) to display a list meeting the search criteria.
Search Click the "Search" button to proceed.


Terminate Graduate Stipend
Student and stipend information is displayed on the page.
Field Description
Termination Date Enter the last day of the month if the student should be paid for the entire month. Grad students with termination dates prior to the last day of the month will receive prorated payment accordingly.
Terminate/Cancel Click the "Terminate/Cancel" button to terminate the student.
Return to Search Click the "Return to Search" button to return to the Find an Existing Value page to select a different student to terminate.