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Term-Appointed Employee Instructions

Hiring aTerm-Appointed, Exempt-level Employee

The Term-Appointed Employee Hire Process expedites the hire and on-boarding process for temporary, exempt level employees. 

To initiate this process, the applicant should apply online and upload his/her resume at the Boston College Careers Homepage.  S/he does not need to apply for a specific job.

The hiring manager will access the application/resume in PeopleSoft and complete the job offer and hire process. 

Prior to hiring an independent contractor or Term Appointed Employee, the hiring manager must complete the Independent Contractor Policy Questionnaire form, and submit the form to Procurement’s Accounts Payable unit. Procurement will review the form and make an initial determination regarding the classification.  If the independent contractor engagement is approved, Accounts Payable will request a Personal Services Agreement from the hiring department prior to processing any invoices for payment. If Procurement is unable to clearly determine that the individual should be classified as an independent contractor, the form will be routed to Human Resources for review to determine of the individual will be classified and hired as a Term Appointed employee. 

To inquire about Boston College's Policies and Procedures, please click here.