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Kronos - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I sometimes have trouble accessing Kronos through Agora?
    • When someone logs onto Agora for the first time each day, a "profile" is built on the server(s) containing information used for determining all the menu options available.
    • If the same circumstances happen in the future, the employee has a few options:
      •  contact their TC and ask them to delete their profile cache.
      •  Use the New Agora Portal (the future replacement for what you consider "Agora").
  2. How do I upgrade my Java software to work with Kronos?

    When you select Agora, Employee Time Reporting, Kronos may prompt you to upgrade the Java software. Follow these instructions.

  3. When I'm opening up an employee's timecard, I see an error message that says "Loading Timecard" - it seems stuck. I have already upgraded by Java. Any suggestions?
    • Your PC may have automatically upgraded to anew version of Javva (1.6.0_01). Kronos performs better on an older version of Java. Follow these instructions.
  4. I do not have the Employee Time Reporting option listed in my Agora menu. What do I do?
    • Scroll down on the Agora Main Page to the item reading, "Use of University Technological and Information Resources."
    • Click on the link to open the "Use of University Technological and Information Resources" page.
    • After reviewing the information, close the window.
    • Sign out of Agora.
    • Log back in to Agora. The menu should now display the "Employee Time Reporting" option.
    • If the "Employee Time Reporting" option still does not display in your menu, you must also update your privacy preferences.
    • Select the "U-View - Your Personal Records" option listed in the Agora-My Services section.
    • In the "All Other Information" section, click the check box for Privacy Preferences and click the Submit Request button.
    • Click the Update Privacy Preferences button.
    • Review your current information and make changes as necessary.
    • Enter your Password and click the Update Preferences button.
    • Sign out of Agora.
    • Log back in to Agora. The menu should now display the "Employee Time Reporting" option.
  5. What are the recommended PC settings for Kronos?

    If you can not open a Kronos Window, you may need Sun Java v1.4 installed by the PC's Administrator. To verify what version you have, double click on the Java icon (coffee cup) in the lower right corner of your screen. A box will open and should say what version of Java is installed. If your work requires more than 1 version of Java, your PC administrator should close your browser, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Java Plug-In/Browser and uncheck the 2 buttons so they are blank. You do not have to restart your PC. Once Java is installed on the PC, Anyone can use Kronos.

    If an entire list of names can not be viewed, check your PC settings. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings and be sure the screen resolution is set at 1024 x 768 pixels.

    To run a report, Kronos requires Adobe Acrobat v5.0

  6. Which employee groups are required to input time into Kronos?
    • Hourly (Non-exempt) Employees
    • Student Employees
    • Weekly Salaried Employees (overtime hours only)
  7. When will my new employee show up in Kronos?
    • Once the student completes the I-9 Form in Student Services and the department completes the hire in PeopleSoft, the employee is entered into the PeopleSoft HR database. A nightly refresh of the Kronos database from the PeopleSoft HR database captures all new employees.
    • Employees transferring into your department from another department on campus will also be captured in Kronos during a nightly refresh.
  8. How long will a terminated employee remain on my Kronos list?
    • Once the employee is terminated in PeopleSoft, the employee is removed in the nightly Kronos refresh.
    • You can do a HyperFind to select inactive (or terminated) employees.
  9. Will employees on Short Work Break be listed in Kronos?
    • No, employees on a Short Work Break in the PeopleSoft HR system will not appear in Kronos.
    • You can do a HyperFind to select inactive (or terminated) employees.

  10. What do I do if my new employee is not in Kronos but needs to submit hours?
    • If the new employee is not in the Kronos database by the following Monday morning, the manager must wait until the employee's name appears in Kronos, at which time the manager can process a historical amount for the previous week owed.
    • Employees and managers can only access Kronos through Agora, Employee Time Reporting.

  11. When should employees input their time?
    • The payroll week runs Sunday through Saturday. Employees may input start and stop times anytime during the current payroll week. Employees may also input hours up to one week in advance by selecting Next Pay Period. Departmental procedures regarding inputting time may vary, and should be reviewed with employees.
    • If an employee is owed hours for a previous week, the manager should process a historical edit, and the employee's owed hours will be paid in the current week.

  12. I am an hourly employee; what hours should I be inputting in Kronos?
    • Hourly employees will be paid according to the hours recorded in Kronos.
    • Hours worked: Input all start and stop times for hours worked. Remember to record stop and start times for lunch hours taken since Kronos does not automatically deduct the lunch hour.
    • Paid non-worked hours (applicable for benefits-eligible employees only): Input a Pay Code and Amount for any non-worked hours that should be paid (accrued vacation, sick time, etc.) on the day the event occurs.

  13. I am a student employee; what hours should I be inputting in Kronos?
    • Student employees will be paid according to the hours recorded in Kronos.
    • Input all start and stop times for hours worked. Remember to record stop and start times for lunch hours or other breaks taken since Kronos does not automatically deduct these breaks.

  14. I am a weekly salaried employee; what hours should I be inputting in Kronos?
    • Weekly Salaried employees should only input overtime hours. Regular hours are automatically paid every week.
    • Input all start and stop times for overtime hours worked.

  15. How is time calculated in Kronos?
    • Time is paid in Kronos minute-to-minute. For example, if an employee's start time is 1:12PM and the stop time is 2:54PM, the employee will be paid for 1 hour and 42 minutes.

  16. Who can make a change to an incorrect start and/or stop time on an employee's time sheet?
    • If the time sheet has not been approved by a manager, the employee can make his/her own correction.
    • If the time sheet has already been approved by a manager, either the manager can make the correction, or the manager can remove the approval to reopen the time sheet for the employee to make his/her own correction.
    • If a manager has already approved their department and needs to make an adjustment, they do not need to approve again provided a sign-off has not been processed.
    • If sign-off has already occurred, but payroll has not been run, contact Diane Cronin in the HRSC at (617)552-6415 or Donna O'Brien at (617)552-6404 to make the correction. The phone call needs to be followed up with an email to Diane or Donna.

  17. What will happen if an employee forgets to input a stop time?
    • The manager is responsible for all employee timecards to have both start and stop times. If a start or stop time is missing, no hours will be paid for that day. If a start or stop time is missing, the employee's name will have a checkmark in the Missed Punch column in the BC-Pay Period Close Genie and BC-Reconcile Timecard.

  18. How do I know about what paycode to select when making an historical edit?
    • In the timecard, hover over the employers name. The employee's earn code will be displayed along with other information. This is the ear code that should be selected.

  19. What is a Pay Code? Who is eligible for a Pay Code Amount?
    • A Pay Code is a group of hours that will be paid to an employee (accrued vacation and sick time, jury duty, etc.) for hours not worked.
    • Only benefits-eligible hourly employees are eligible to receive payment for Pay Code Amounts.
    • Pay Code amounts are formatted as HH:MM or HH:D (3:30 ot 3.5 for 3 1/2 hours owed)
    • Do not make a Pay Code Edit in the same row as an in/out punch.

  20. How do I submit retroactive hours for an employee?
    • The department manager will have access to process a historical amount for the hours owed. If more than one week of hours is due to an employee, the manager will need to separately process historical edits for each week.

  21. How far back can I access employee timecards in Kronos?(TBD)
    • The "Includes Date" field on the "Select Pay Period" screen will allow you to access timecards as far back as your department's first pay period in Kronos.
    • Currently, you can access an employee's Timecard from the first time the employee was entered into Kronos.

  22. When is Kronos payroll due?
    • Department managers must approve by Monday at Noon for the previous pay period.
    • If there is a change to this schedule, managers will be notified by e-mail through the Kronos listserv.

  23. When can I approve my employees' timecards in Kronos?
    • Timecards can be approved at any time during the current pay period or by Monday Noon for the previous pay period.
    • Remember, however, that once you have approved an employee's timecard, the employee will no longer be able to update the timecard.
    • All timecards must be approved no later than Monday at Noon.
    • BC-Pay Period Close

  24. Can a Weekly Salaried Employee approve his/her own overtime in Kronos?
    • If a Weekly Salaried Employee in your department has Approval access in Kronos, he/she will be able to approve all employee time for your department, including his/her own overtime hours.

  25. Should I approve for all of my employees or only the ones who have hours?
    • It is strongly recommended that you approve all of your employees, even those without hours submitted. This will prevent all timecards from further updates.

  26. Who will process the departmental sign off?
    • The Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) will process a university global sign off Monday at Noon. Payroll for the previous week will be locked out for any adjustments at that time.

  27. How do I add an Approver for my department to Kronos?
    • It is required that a Kronos Time Approver Form be completed and transmitted electronically for all Boston College employees granted Manager access to the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper system. The Time Approver Form is completed by the Department Head or budgetary responsible person who should also notify the HRSC that the previous manager has gone.
    • Click Submit to electronically send the completed form to

  28. How do I remove an Approver from Kronos?
  29. I use a Macintosh computer and am having difficulty printing. What can I do?
    • Macintosh users typically experience difficulty printing pages in Kronos. Please contact your department technician for detailed Macintosh specific printing instructions.

  30. How can I correct hours for an employee and record it on Kronos for audit purposes if the employee has already been paid for the hours worked?
    • If you want to show the correct hours in Kronos, you need to do a Historical Edit on the current timecard.
    • You must backout the extra hours that have already been paid.
    • When doing the Historical Edit, do NOT check off the box that states "Include in totals for effective date."
    • This will show it in the employee's record, but will not be paid for those hours.

  31. How can I print an entire page without doing screen shots?
    • To print an entire list that you have from using a Genie, select Actions/Print.

  32. I get a pop-up blocker when I'm trying to print a report.
    • To disable the pop-up blocker, choose either option to disable the blocker permanently or temporarily. You will have to select Reports again, and rerun the specific report.29.

  33. My employees total scheduled hours are more than their weekly hours should be. How do I correct the totals?
    • First you must verify the shift totals per day. If you determine there is a discrepancy on a certain shift, highlight that shift and go to the Shift Menu and select Edit.
    • Verify the start and stop dates are the same for the same day shift. The exception would be if an employee works the late night shift and the stop date is the next day.
    • Always check the total hours scheduled for the week which is next to the employee's name in the schedule genie.

  34. Sometimes I can not access my employee's timecards. When I am in Kronos and I click on the left hand link that says "BC Reconcile Timecards", nothing appears. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?
    • You have to verify what web browser you are using. There are many available to the users, but Kronos only supports Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will allow you to perform all the functionality that Kronos has built in to their system.
  35. When Day Light Savings Time occurs, for those who use the clocks, managers may notice some employees' overall worked time was NOT adjusted. Why not?
    • Employees must punch in and out at the same Home Timekeeper Terminal
    • Failure to punch at the same clock (not just any clock within the employee's home "group"), will mean the overall work time is not adjusted, and edits will be required in the software.
  36. When Day Light Savings Time occurs, for those who use the clocks, managers may notice the employees' punched time in the Timecard doesn't look accurate. Why not?
    • The terminal adjusts the out punch time and reflects that time in the Timesheet. For example, the in-punch occurring before the DST change should be correct, but the out-punch occurring after the DST change will show the punch time as if the DST change never took place. This is normal. The total hours worked will be accurate.

36. Where can I go for Kronos help?

    Go To: My Links in Kronos:
                     BC Kronos Instructions


               click on the following link: Kronos Instructions for Managers
    • Kronos Department Listserv
      • Use the listserv to communicate with other Approvers in your department, as well as with the Kronos Team.
    • Contact HRSC staff through e-mail or by phone:
      • Diane Cronin, Foreign Tax Specialist & Timekeeper,, (617)552-6415
      • Donna O'Brien, HRSC Representative,, (617)552-6404
      • Barbara McNamara, Reports Specialist,, (617)552-6423