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Walk Across Campus



What is the Walk Across Campus?

Boston College has promoted a Walking challenge called the “Walk Across Campus” (WAC) since 2006.  This began as an individual challenge that the Plex organized, and included upwards of 40 participants.  In 2012, in an effort to engage more employees in wellness programming, the HEALTHY YOU initiative partnered with the Plex, and began to incorporate the distribution of fully subsidized Fitbit pedometers to team participants.  Under the HY support, 850 participants joined the WAC in the Fall of 2012.  The popularity of the program spread quickly and in the Spring of 2013, participation reached 1200!  That level of employee participation was truly unprecedented, but in the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014, participation reached nearly 1400!  Multiple teams have reaped the rewards of the healthier, more active lifestyles encouraged by the challenges.  With support from BC benefits, BC Dining, the BC Bookstore, HPHC and the Rec Plex, many have received prizes as well, in categories such as team and individual highest averages in Steps, Distance, and Activity points as well as for Most Improved.


Who is eligible to participate?

Any benefits eligible BC employee who wishes to join a team, is eligible to sign up.  Teams are from 10-20 participants.     


When is the Walk Across Campus?

Sign up for the Fall WAC is typically the first 2 weeks of September with the challenge running from Oct-Nov, and sign up for the Spring is the first 2 weeks of March with the challenge running from Apr-May.

Watch for global emails from Jack Burke for details and sign up information/deadlines of any future WAC programs.

I lost/broke/can't wear the fitbit I received.  Are there any "extras?"

BC provided one fitbit per team participant this past academic year, and we have no extras.  However, Fitbits are covered under a 1 year warranty, directly with Fitbit.  We can't speak for what Fitbit will do, but they have been very generous in the first year of warranty.  The action and decision of follow up remains between Fitbit and the individual.

For any and all difficulties with your Fitbit unit, including if you have lost, damaged, or had personal issues with comfort or with charging or syncing your unit, or for general technical questions that your Team Leader can not assist with, please visit this webpage: and submit your inquiry with any details.  Also include the applicable line below, which will serve as your proof of purchase info that they will ask for:

·         If your unit is from the Fall 2013 WAC:

"My fitbit was ordered by  HPHC on behalf of Boston College, as part of the 1400 fitbits Boston College purchased for their Fall Walk Across Campus Program, beginning October 2013."  The HR contact is Anne Goroshko/Nicole Petitti.

·         If your unit is from the Spring 2014 WAC:

"My fitbit was ordered by  HPHC on behalf of Boston College, as part of the additional Fitbits Boston College purchased for the Spring  Walk Across Campus Program, beginning April 2014, with 1400 active Fitbit participants."  The HR contact is Anne Goroshko/Nicole Petitti.


How do I participate &/or become a Team Leader?

We are always interested in adding teams, participants, and new Team Leaders to the WAC.  Watch for the announcement from Jack Burke at the start of the semester, as it will contain the necessary contact details, and we will gladly welcome you aboard.  We typically have a Team leader luncheon in the month prior to each WAC kickoff, to review questions and expectations, and to thank Team Leaders in advance for the  assistance that helps make this such a successful program.