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Boston College continues HEALTHY YOU with new programs designed to support you on your path to greater health and well-being, offered in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and The Boston Consortium for Higher Education’s HEALTHY YOU program.


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Three Ways You Can Learn More about Meditation and Mindfulness

Over thirty years of research suggests the practice of meditation may offer a number of important health benefits, including a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, a more relaxed body, a calmer mind, and improved focus. The terms “meditation” and “mindfulness” are often used interchangeably. Both involve bringing your full attention to whatever is happening in each moment, in an open, receptive, and curious manner. A common way to begin either practice is to simply focus on the breath—this simple act relaxes the body and steadies the mind. In a meditation practice, we typically sit still for a period of time, in a quiet place where we will not be disturbed. In a mindfulness practice, we integrate the same skills of focused awareness into any or all of our daily activities. These practices are complementary.

The reason these practices are important is that the pace and the demands of our high tech, multi-tasking, work-focused society regularly activate the body’s stress response and  keep us in over-drive much of the time—with and without our awareness. We do not have to sacrifice our health for the sake of our productivity. Unlike the stress response which is automatically activated, the calming response-- the body’s built-in “off switch” for the stress-reaction cycle—must be deliberately activated. Meditation/mindfulness can help do just this.

The Museum as a Contemplative Space

February 20–March 27 on Mondays, 12–1 p.m., McMullen Museum Galleries, Brighton Campus

Practicing mindfulness expands awareness and open-ness to new ideas and perspectives in all settings. This program explores the basic principles of mindfulness while harnessing the restorative power of art. Turning inward to pay attention to senses, body, and breath, participants will learn meditative ways to view and interact with art by honing in on the power of color and form featured in paintings by contemporary artist Rafael Soriano. Registration required.

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Yoga in the Museum

February 15–April 5 on Wednesdays, 5:30–6:30 p.m. Atrium at the McMullen Museum, Brighton Campus

Join us for gentle hatha yoga in the McMullen Museum’s bright, two-story atrium. Whether you are a beginner or a yoga enthusiast, this series of classes for faculty and staff will help restore the mind and body at the end of the workday. Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat and water. Registration required.

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Open-Ended Weekly Meditation Groups

These groups provide basic instruction and regular opportunity to practice meditation/mindfulness. Participants benefit from insight and support to establish a home practice.  Participants are not required to attend every session. Register by contacting Pat Touzin at x2-3340 or

Sessions will run weekly from January 17–April 26.

Tuesdays, Chestnut Hill Campus: 12–1 p.m., Bluhm Library, Lyons 201E

Wednesdays, Brighton Campus, 12–1 p.m., Theology and Ministry Library, 117 Lake St., Ryan Room

Wednesdays, Newton Campus, 12:30–1 p.m., Law Library

Resistance Training

February 7, 12–1 p.m., Shea Room, Conte Forum

Strengthening exercises are safe and effective for women and men of all ages and can have a profound impact on a person’s mental and emotional health.

People with health concerns—including heart disease or arthritis—often benefit the most from an exercise program that includes strength training a few times each week. Resistance bands offer an easy, low cost and effective way to add strength training to your exercise program. Participants will learn how to use  a resistance band to perform basic exercises and are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. Boxed lunch available for take-away.


Brain Food: Eating to Think and Feel Your Best

March 9, 12–1 p.m., Shea Room, Conte Forum

The foods we choose to eat drive how we feel and think every day. Participants in this workshop will learn which foods to include in their diet in order to enhance emotional wellness, combat stress, and opti- mize mental performance. They will become aware  of the relationship between stress and nutrition and know which foods to reach for to enhance energy and mental resilience. Each participant will leave with a Brain Food Plan, easy recipes for feel-good foods, meal and snack suggestions, as well as a “Brain Food Grocery List.”

What Matters Most: Living Your Value-driven Life

March 30, 12–1 p.m., Walsh Hall Conference Room

What matters most to you? Do your actions reflect your values? Addressing these and other critical questions, this workshop will help participants align their daily actions with their priorities. Three practi- cal tools are used to increase self-awareness and set participants on the path to living a more meaningful life. A wake-up call for most, this workshop will help employees feel more fulfilled and positive about the choices they are making moving forward.

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Eldercare Information Programs

In these sessions, a panel of industry experts will provide current information, customized resource materials, and time for Q&A.

Hiring In-home Health Care

Tuesday, February 28, 12–1:30 p.m., Shea Room, Conte Forum
What are the options of support so my loved one can remain at home and where do I start?

Understanding Dementia

Thursday, May 4, 12–1:30 p.m., Shea Room, Conte Forum What are my resources to care for my loved one?

In addition to the Eldercare Support programs, HouseWorks professionals are available to answer your specific eldercare questions. Please direct your inquiry to the BC Faculty/Staff Assistance Program at 617–552–3340 or



Wednesday, March 1, 12–1 p.m., St. Thomas More Apartments, Commons Room 109

This memoir chronicles the actions of two sisters as they discover concentric circles of support for their father and attempt to provide him with an experi- ence of “engaged aging” in an assisted living facility. Books will be available for purchase and can be personalized by the author.



Tuesday, March 7, 12–1:30 p.m., Shea Room, Conte Forum

Co-founded by Ellen Goodman in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, The Conversation Project offers people the tools, guidance, and resources they need to begin talking with their loved ones about their wishes and preferences for end-of-life care, before a medical crisis. The workshop is lively, thought-provoking and focused on living well vs. dying.

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Want to get fit, maintain a healthy weight, and have fun doing it? Campus Recreation is here to support you as you move toward a healthier, more active lifestyle. Please visit to learn more!

Fit Club

Monday/Wednesday/Friday January 23–May 3, 7:15-8:15 a.m.

Fit Club is a BC faculty and staff (non-student) weight-loss program designed to jumpstart a workout regimen for all participants. The program includes goal setting, scheduled assessments, small group training workouts three days per week, fitness challenges, and lots of support. The goal is to encourage partici-

pants to incorporate exercise in their daily lifestyles and to feel empowered and comfortable to work out independently at the end of the semester. Eligibility criteria must be met in order to participate.

Program cost: $280 before reimbursement. Participants must be Campus Recreation members. HR will reimburse benefits-eligible employee participants 50% at the conclusion of the program if the participant attends at least 75% of the classes.

Walk Across Campus

Walk Across Campus (WAC)

April 3–June 5

Kickoff Walk: April 3 at 12 p.m. outside 129 Lake St.

Our two-month team walking competition returns. Benefits-eligible employees who are new to the WAC can receive a free Fitbit pedometer (limited availability, first come, first served). Those who participated in prior Walks should use the previously issued Fitbit. Registration begins online in March through BC’s HEALTHY YOU wellness platform. Visit the HEALTHY YOU website for detailed instructions.

How to join a team

HEALTHY YOU wellness platform

Read an article about WAC in Boston College Magazine




Campus Recreation Programs

Want to get fit, maintain a healthy weight, and have fun doing it? Campus Recreation is here to support you as you move toward a healthier, more active lifestyle. Please visit to learn more!

Smoking Cessation Assistance

For information on a variety of free and discounted options for BC employees and family members, visit Pat Touzin, director of the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program, is also available for smoking cessation coaching. Pat can be reached at 617-552-3340.

Spring 2017 Charitable Walks

Join fellow BC employees in a walk for one of the following great causes! To join a team, please contact the team leader listed on The leader will assist you with the registration process. All participants will receive a complimentary BC t-shirt. Please note that any registration fees and/or fundraising requirements will be paid by participants.

Savings and Discounts

HPHC members are eligible for savings on a variety of health-related services and products, including a health club reimbursement of up to $150 as well as a Weight Watchers reimbursement of up to $150. Find out more at