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Information Technology Services

BC Technology Essentials

Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff these are things that you must know.


Your BC Security Credentials (Username, Password, PIN, LDAC, & Eagle-One card)

To use most of BC's technology services, you need to know your BC username and log-in information. For example, your username and password allows access to your email account and your PIN allows access to your voicemail account. Learn more about your BC security credentials and what you can access with them.


Your BC email account

As a member of the BC community you automatically have a BC email account, which you can check from any web browser in the world.

Students use BC Gmail with your Password2.

Faculty & staff use Outlook Web Access (OWA). Learn more about email at BC, such as how to set up an "Out of Office" auto-reply, and more. Learn about BC's Spam Quarantine Service, which automatically quarantines and deletes messages it identifies as spam.


Phone & Voicemail at BC

Faculty and most staff have a BC phone number with voicemail. Learn how to check your voicemail, how to make long distance calls, and more. Also learn about the security credentials you need for voicemail and making long distance calls.


Accessing the BC network (from on-campus & off-campus)

As long as you have a BC username and password you can use your computer on the BC network. Once you are connected to the BC network, you can browse the web, check your email, access department servers and Professor's folders, and much more. Learn how to connect your computer to the BC network, using a wireless connection, VPN (Virtual Private Networking), or an Ethernet cable.


Agora Portal - the BC Intranet

Agora Portal is the BC Intranet. The word "Agora" is Greek for gathering place. After you log in to, you can set your privacy preferences, change your password, renew library books, view your records, and much much more. Learn all about the Agora Portal.


Virus protection for your computer

As a member of the BC community you must keep your computer protected from viruses. Get your free copy of Virus Protection software and learn how to protect your computer from viruses at


Store and share your files on the web

Use MyFiles@bc to securely store and share your files on the web. Your account is already created for you, so just sign in at Learn more about MyFiles@bc. Students can also use Google Drive to store and share documents.


Printing to a BC printer

After connecting to the BC network, you can print to a department printer or to one of the Campus Technology Resource Center (CTRC) or Library printers. Learn how to print to a BC printer.


Have a technology question or issue?

  • Contact the Help Center: 617-552-HELP (4357),, or
  • You can also visit the Walk-In Help Desk in O'Neill 248 next to the Campus Technology Resource Center (CTRC).