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Privacy Preferences

agora portal

Set Your Personal Privacy Preferences

Setting your Privacy Preferences allows you to control the display and release of your directory information (e.g., mail and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers). You may also set different preferences for internal and external audiences. Before making your choices, please read the privacy pages carefully. Complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Agora Portal at 
  2. Click on the Privacy Preferences Confirm/Review link listed under the My Services tab.
  3. Your Privacy Preferences will display in a table. Your current information, such as job or academic title, local address, phone number and BCID photo, will appear in the left hand column, followed by specifications to Suppress or Release the information to the BC Community, and to the General Public (see Figure 1).
     Privacy preferences
    Figure 1.
  4. Click on the Update Privacy Preferences button at the bottom of the screen (see Figure 2). 
    update privacy preferences 
    Figure 2.
  5. The Update Privacy Preferences page presents your current directory information in a table. Each piece of directory information, such as your name, email address and photo, has two buttons labeled release and suppress in a column labeled BC Community (requires login) and General Public (no log-in required). One of the buttons will be selected indicating that the information should be released or suppressed.
  6. You may change the release or suppress value for any item by clicking on the button associated with that value (see Figure 3).
    release or suppress privacy information
    Figure 3.
  7. To preview what the information will look like when viewed by a member of the BC Community, click on the BC Community button (see Figure 4).
  8. To preview what the information will look like when viewed by a member of the general public, click on the General Public button (see Figure 4).
  9. Type your password in the text box labeled Enter your password and click on the Update Preferences button (see Figure 4).
    enter password to confirm preferences
    Figure 4.