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Information Technology Services

Connecting to BC's Network Printers and Servers

joining the bc domain

Reminder for Students: Students can access the web and most BC online services (Agora Portal, MyFiles@bc, etc.) by just connecting to the BC wired network, so this set-up is optional for students. You only need to join the BC domain if you need access to on-campus servers and BC printers. You don't need to join the BC domain to print to the Libraries.

Have you already joined the BC domain on this computer? Can you already access BC printers and servers?  If yes, then you do not need to repeat these steps.

Step 1: Connecting to BC's wired network

If you are already connected to BC's wired network, go to Step 2: Joining the BC domain.

Connect to BC's wired network.


Step 2: Joining the BC domain

Caution: When you join the BC domain, a new profile is created on your computer with a new Documents folder, a new Desktop, and new settings. In order to access your old files, you will need to move them from one profile to another on your computer.

To join the BC domain (one time setup):

Now that your computer has joined the BC domain, you can connect to BC's network printers and servers:

  • To connect to network printers, see the Printing at Boston College section.
    Note: You don't need to join the BC domain to print to the Libraries.