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Information Technology Services

Student Security Credentials

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Boston College takes great care to ensure the security of its network and personal computers. Security credentials are a key component of this endeavor to safeguard your personal information and university data from unauthorized use. Your security credentials are your key to many electronic services at Boston College including Agora Portal, the service-based intranet for the BC community, Network Activation (configuring your computer on the BC network), email, and voicemail. Prior to accessing restricted services at Boston College, you will be required to confirm your identity by entering one or more of your security credentials.

Student security credentials include:


Every Boston College student is assigned a unique username. Your username is always in lowercase and is usually some variation of your last name. If you do not know your username contact the BC Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357). Most electronic services and resources restricted to the BC community require authentication by entering your username and password (see below).


A temporary password will be assigned to you and you will be required to change it the first time you log into Agora Portal. In combination with your username, your password enables you to access many BC applications and systems including email and Agora Portal.

Make sure to set the answers to the Challenge Questions. In the event you forget your password or PIN, your answers to these questions will allow BC Information Technology Services staff to confirm your identity and reset your password or PIN.

Learn some password tips, how to change your password, and what to do if you forget your password.

If you're new to Boston College and don't know your password, please call the Help Center at (617) 552-4357 to have it reset.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) provides access to the voicemail system allowing you to listen to incoming messages or record and manage outgoing messages, U-Dial for course registration, and the Eagle One kiosks. Every Boston College student is assigned a PIN. You may change your PIN at any time by selecting Change PIN in Agora Portal.

Secondary Password

BC student email is on BC Gmail. Your Secondary Password is used to log into BC Google Apps for Education, including BC Gmail. You may change your Secondary Password any time in Agora Portal by going to My Services > Account and Personal Info > Change Secondary Password. Learn more at