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Information Technology Services

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

security credentials

What is my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Your PIN is primarily used to access voice services such as voicemail (everyone), 5-DIAL and U-DIAL (students only). It can also be used by students to access the U-View ATM's.

New to Boston College?

You have been assigned a temporary PIN (your Eagle ID). You should complete the steps in the section below to change your PIN to something of your choosing. To change your PIN you will need your BC username and password. You do not need to know your current PIN.

How to change your PIN

  1. Go to Agora Portal at
  2. Sign in with your BC username and password.
  3. On the My Services page, click on Password, PIN, Q&A (Credentials).
  4. Under the heading "What do you want to change?" click on the PIN link.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your current BC password or PIN, enter a new PIN and re-enter the new PIN to confirm (see the figure below).

    You can change your PIN at anytime.

    Screenshot: Changing your PIN via Agora.

Where can I use my PIN?

A password is used to access most online services at BC. Only use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the following: